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Glowbear avatar 6:14 PM on 11.06.2012  (server time)
Underrated Dtoid Bloggers

Dtoid would be nothing without its community and its community is alive and kicking in the blogging section, churning out funny reads, serious thought provoking feels and of course random advertisements for robotic sanitary pads that can help you win a holiday to Thailand. Thereís names we all know and love (or loathe, up to you) and then thereís people that always produce quality work, but donít seem to get as much notice or praise as they deserve. So this is just a little appreciation for some people of the top of my head. There are plenty more.

Voltech is someone who constantly produces work and does so with variation and dedication. Voltech is also a supportive member to other budding writers and has always given me great feedback and with real substance. He writings can be found on Dtoid and his own blog, where his I Hraet You pieces are a real treat. Seriously, check this guy out.

Sometimes I think that PhilK3nS3bb3n had a seizure at the keyboard when he was typing his desired username, but he's PhilK simply to me. Plenty of you have seen him on the website, where he's a constant contributor in terms of his own work and commentary. He too is another member that is happy to give a boost to other bloggers and give good critiques. His blog be here!

Capm Trevo made a blog about farts in video games. That's all you need to know!!

Panzadolphin56's blog is one that doesn't get even a fraction of the views it deserves. Panza is a lover of games, and though his voice is laced with sheer frustrating indifference, he is one of the sweetest guys to be found on Dtoid and is someone who can hold very interesting conversations especially about films and the horror related genre. He's submitted some funky artwork for various competitions and definitely has talent. Iíd plan to write this up before we initially pair up to bring you guys the gravy centric Scary Granule
Scary Granules Podcasts

Inset obligatory sheep image here because I CAN

Artemis I canít look at without being reminded of Cartman and especially that episode where his toys become sentient and psychotic. But is blogs are also well structured, informative and funny, which is what you want from a blog. Unless youíre sitting home alone and want something that borders more on erotic fan fiction. But Iím sure Artemis or other bloggers could whip something up for you.

Kaggen offers a nice variety in his blog postings, from Forbidden Siren 2 musings to convention memories. He also happens to have a cute avatar and thatís how I judge most of my viewing materialÖby itís cover! Always judge something by itís cover. Always, never look too deep. Youíre a busy person!

Based on having an article entitled ďHow CLOP Is Both a Sadist and An OptimistĒ, behoovement of the utmost compels you lot to check out Zolani13's blog
He also has his own wordpress that is an example of the variety and interesting topics that this versatile writer can focus on.

So thatís just a small handful of people I think others should check out and that might be underrated. Then again I could be talking out of my perky arse and these could be the famous boy band of the blogging community. Who knows. Either way no harm in checking them out!

Who else do you guys enjoy but think needs more champagne hooker parties devoted to their works?

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