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Glowbear avatar 11:46 AM on 03.19.2013  (server time)
The whole sexism thing grates my VagCock

How can we complain about bad representations of feminism when the basic principle topics they talk about are without a doubt true and exist? Why are we arguing over who made a better case for the existence of something so prominent?

Instead of ridding ourselves of the problem of sexism as a whole, we are too busy finding arguments for the representation of an ideal or group of self labelled people. Pro feminists saying some feminists are extreme feminists and some extreme feminists saying that more lax feminists aren't truly supportive of womankind because they don't act as aggressively. It's all so tiring and redundant.
Do we have to hit a quota on YouTube of how many videos exist that talk about sexism or feminism in any manner before we finally take our fingers out of our asses and fix the problem?
If that's what it takes, I'll make a video dressed as a wok and I'll say the words "sexism" and "feminist" over and over until the end of a Nicki Minaj song. Oh I’ll do it!

Too busy arguing over labels and who has a rougher time of it. For every complaint there is about female degradation, someone says "well men go through similar" and vice versa, back and forth. Why exactly are we wasting time repeating issues and not actually just doing something? Can we not just except that sexism and gender pressure exists regardless of what is between your legs or sitting on your face? Women and men are both subjected to assumptions, presumptions and degradation based on their gender and it’s rife within video games.

Objection to it all!!

There's this notion that as time moves forward advancements come along, that what was will be improved. So over the years racism was suppose to deplete and be eradicated, hatred towards homosexuals was to blow up in a never to be seen again smoke and that sexism should no longer be something we have to worry about, especially during the indulgence of recreational activities like gaming.

How is it that in 1986 a film came out called Aliens, written by a man called James Cameron, featuring a female character that for some reason has not been replicated honourably since - a film where an individual who happened to be a woman was the saviour, the most competent person and she didn't hold a gun or have big biceps for the majority of the film or the series for that matter. Nor did she adhere to any of these images or tropes that exist. Like her or loathe her, Anita Sarkeesian’s video about tropes highlights one thing that the trope does exist. It's more common to have a group consisting of a bunch of guys and one token girl.

The outspoken elephant in the room will say “well men are the main market audience so they’re catered too, because companies only care about money”

Oh so the sales of Metroid, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, Half Life 2, Perfect Dark, Portal – Aliens, Terminator, Buffy, Harry Potter, Kill Bill, Silence of the Lambs – were figments of our imaginations?

I don’t really care how annoyed I come across…

Oh no! The fucks seem to have escaped my basket

This is clearly a peeved write up by me, but overall I hate procrastination of serious issues, I hate excuses and laziness for things that make life so irritating, when they can be resolved. But instead we loop the same ol’ shit and talk without doing.

How did we manage to revert instead of progress as time went by and aren’t you just sick of it?

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