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Glowbear avatar 5:31 AM on 09.07.2012  (server time)
Thanks Dtoid & Betty White: An Illuminated Ursidae Intro

I'm slightly insane.

I realise that the majority of my posts have lately been about serious topics and when you talk about serious topics it behooves you to do so in great length. Thank you Deadwood for introducing the urge to say that a few times a year. But when you desire to be a writer and you get talking about interesting topics and want to convey your opinion or deconstruction, I find that I am comfortable producing a cleaner cut of work with absolutely essential interludes of gaming ass and the queen Betty White.

So upon taking appreciated and valuable advice from the funtastic Elsa, this entry is just a little fusion titbit about me Glowbear (yes that is the name on my birth certificate) and about some recent things that grind my gears in gaming. Also you should read everything Elsa writes because it's funny and it's pretty much what most people feel.

Now Iím not actually crazy by the way, I prefer the term mentally hilarious.

What I actually genuinely look like

Over a year ago I properly joined the Destructoid land, predominantly via the forums, though I had posted a blog or two first. I had been like many people a long time lurker. I had been going through an incredibly bad time (bad times are bad yíknow) and was confined to the lovely sweaty damp walls of my room, not by choice and decided to rejoin a forum. I had been on forums before and a very active member but lost interest ages ago. So Destructoid was a revamp for me.

Automatically I started to check it out daily and post regularly, perhaps too much. All the people who frequented the forum were welcoming and I made some funky friends online and visa vie in the so called real world. Dtoid was not just a place to chat about games and Cerebus cloned asses but a place to discuss anything from the many ways in which Pat Butcher is a sexy beast to serious matters.

The Depression thread is where people go with their woes and where others go to lend a bit of support and a caring ear or in this case eye. The Bar is a place to chat about whatever and manages a nice mix of the odd serious discussion and random mat mutterings. The Nightmare fuel thread is where you go to be horrified by an erotic chicken not just coming at your screen but possibly through. The forum as a plateau for topics covers everything and after a short while I began to realise that there was something different about the Dtoid crew compared to other places I had ventured online. These were people youíd actually get over your wariness and cautious nature to meet and have a laugh with. This was a place where I first had a group of people to multi play (or multi lay as I Ďaccidentlyí call it) with and Iíve mention before I like sitting alone in the dark single playing to my hearts content. I also mean that sentence in the gaming sense. MOVING ONÖ.

It seems that what Dtoid is, when you cut out the inner or interloping complaints even veterans of the place make, is something special and unique. I'm sure other websites offer a combiniation of news, reviews, contest and a community that engage in kinky adventures together, but I don't know if any of them do it as well or as frequently as Dtoid and I don't know if the people on other forums/groups are as groovy. I'm not saying Dtoid people are better, I'm saying we're at least a percentage more cosmically awesome. NOT THAT SAME THING!

So GlowBear was just a funky name I came up with, it combined cuteness, luminosity, a plethora of variation pet names Iíve gotten from people and also ITíS A BEAR. YEAAAAH!

Gaming peeves and titbits:

* I hate pretentiousness in any form, but it boggles the mind and the bumcheeks when such a trait exists within the gaming community. People bitch about games other people like, as if itís their money or time theyíre wasting. People tell others that their opinion is wrong, completely reinventing in their own mind the fundamental essence of the word Ďopinioní.

* I dislike soldier real war based computer games and find them boring. Thatís a personal choice, but it doesnít mean I think theyíre crap or youíre a crappy crapster for playing them. I just donít find any real glorification or honour in modern warfare in general and I like an added element to my games. Iíll play something thatís grounded like Splinter Cell because I like espionage and twists, but if I want to shoot things, Iíll play something simple and fun like Bulletstorm, Gears of War, Halo, Fear ect.

* In fact speaking of Bulletstorm, that game was underrated, it was pretty damn fun and I've recently gone back to it.

* Some of my favourite games ever are made by Bioware, thatís not shock. I personally find the recent bout of Bioware bitching to be very false. The whole EA/Bioware controversy that happened with ME3 for example was annoying and I was especially affected by it but it didnít have anything to do with the actual product enjoyment. ME3 was amazing and I loved it. Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Knights of the Old Republic are my favourite series of games ever. Yeah I said series, yeah I loved Dragon Age 2 and replayed it 6 times.

* I don't condemn piracy. Because I am an awful person. Say it with me! "Glowbear is a horrible person"

* I use to think nothing of Jim Sterling, then I thought "hmm he's one of those adult brats", now I think "he's an eloquent beautiful butterfly of game journalism who's Escapist videos hit on important points and he executes his opinions pretty well".

* I don't use voice in public multiplying because the idea of being in a group where someone is under 16 is slightly creepy. I don't want to hear a bunch of "fuck", "cunt" and nerd rage and then know there's a kid in there. Or worse, it's them saying those things.
I also just am not the biggest fan of my farmer voice.

This too, is my true form

* I think the gaming community can be as guilty of trying too hard and being a bit brown nosy. I know that if you want to get into the business you need to do a bit of brown nosing, but twitter alone is a place where it seems to be on over drive. It'd be nice if we were afforded a nice balance between having some online dignity and genuinely retweeting/praising/commenting stuff that matters AND can be of benefit.

* I've seen some pretty ridiculous, slightly obsessive scribing from people about topics such as sexism within games. First of all, it's usually from men, giving the rest of their peers a bad name, but thankfully anyone with a brain should know you don't paint everyone with the same brush. Anita Sarkeesian might be annoying to many people but god I don't give a fuck. She does make valid points amidst the ones that people who aren't exactly prone to suffering sexism seem to weed out being meaningless. People choose to give her money and she does deliver content. It's not that detrimental, she isn't that detrimental, get over the fact that she's a known name and you're not.

* I find it hilariously wonderful when some games have not one, but two or three voice actors that were on the same tv shows together, like the voice of EDI and Bailey being played by Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer and Michael Hogan.

* Also going back to Elsa again, she made a blog where she mentioned her Jurassic park pet peeve of the whole stereotyping of girls. It happens, sexism within gaming happens and when the Dtoid forum group aren't sexist at all, a small few do talk out of their arses about things not existing. Some people will only feign friendship with you if they think you have breasts and those breasts are literally up for grab. When you are an actual women or go through with that sex change you've been dying to have, then try and deny what is glaringly obvious, until then stop acting as if it doesn't happen and it's not a big deal.

* I often talk about badgers, because they're awesome and I hear they like mash potatoes, the food of life. But seriously an open world sandbox rpg type game where you play a bad ass badger is what the gaming world needs and to be honest, it's what the world in general needs.

* I am a big supporter, though not in a marching, can be bothered to get off my arse way, of LGBT issues. Mainly by that I mean, I won't stand for bigotry. To be fair it's the same with regards to any form of bigotry. Even fur-hate I'm not keen on. They're having sex, you're not, maybe that's you're real issue.
I am pretty damn gay myself (a fact I've made clear to some and they've disregarded for some reason), but again any labels are for me to define myself with, not you or your Nan and gay is just a simple way of explaining things. That said I will bend over backwards on a hostess trolley if Alan Rickman appears before me. I will bend in ways no human should if he would only tell me an erotic bedtime story

................................sorry drifted off there.

* Why is it that in the recession of doom that we are living in, the gaming industry is rife with job offerings? It's brilliant as it goes to show how important and successful it's become but it's still peculiar.
I've come across people who spew bullshit such as "if you have a degree or qualification getting a job is easy" & "passing university is easy". All of which is absolutely not true and most people saying that have achieved neither. But I suppose if right now you have a degree in game programming, you are one of those kind people that would gladly offer others loans!

* Age of the Empires II memes are bloody funny!

* I usually play computer games alone in my room, on my bed wearing some form of comic book related or cartoon show related pyjamas. As I type this I am wearing a pair of superman pj bottoms that have FUCKING POCKETS IN THEM. Yes!!!


So that's a rough, brief late to the party intro. Basic synopsis being I'm a shy, curve loving, game and geek addict who likes dresses but can't beat a nice comfy pair of pyjamas, who loves cake, posting, badgers and the smell of firelighters. That's what I said above right? Oh and I'm a catholic creationist who really loves the Big Bang Theory show, so if that's a big deal for you and you find you've wet your pantyloons in sheer shock, have a few tissues and be on your way.

There's plenty left out but if anyone ever wants to know, just ask.

To those that have braved reading the garbles I post here, there or on my blog and that offer opinions and constructive helpful criticism thank you sincerely. To those that are responsible for writing entries I enjoy, thank you and to those that put up with a bear that may have a light bulb up its ass and can appreciate humour, craic (not that kind) and experiencing different things and ideas, ditto. And to the new friends Iíve made & whose company I enjoy via the keyboard or the surfaces we drink upon togetherÖ.ARENíT YOU LUCKY!

God bless ye brave fools

PS - you need to fix the colour coding for blogs, it's never worked for me and that's just racist.

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