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Glowbear avatar 3:10 AM on 01.07.2013  (server time)
Stop this nonsense Games....STAHP!

No matter how much we love something, thereís always an element that we wish were improved or better yet, stoned to death, never to return. In order to achieve complete gaming zen and to enjoy games a lot more, I feel that if focus on refining or deleting the following were made, weíd have a less frustrating, nerd rage fuelled life. Well in terms of being gamers.

Lock picking
When Splinter Cell came along it felt unique and it was novel, nowadays itís downright annoying Games like Skyrim and Knights of Amalur feature common lock picking and a sort of QuickTime charm unlocking mini mini game. But when itís a constant thing to do, it simply becomes a nuisance and a time waster. Hitman Absolution features automatic pick locking, which I was thankful for but then I thought, no hang on just get rid of it altogether or make it a speedier affair.
Even games like Mass Effect have cut out interactive door opening and reduced the amount of automatic door locking scenes, perhaps because they heard peoples pleas to just leave it out.

007: Legends rare pro is that there is a variety in its unlocking/hacking methods, but that is quickly quashed by the amount of times you have to do it and that a lot of the time it occurs when youíre under heavy wildly aimed gunfire. Leave all the doors open and keep your pixilated fingers crossed that burglars wonít pop by.

Dodgy time limits
Does anyone truly enjoy time limits or think they are vital to enjoyable game play? I suppose some do and that tension of being put to the test and succeeding, especially at the last moment is great, but for me itís always been more of relief in the sense that not getting killed by a falling donkey is a relief. Some time limits are infamous, and in the case of some games theyíre paired with equally infamous tasks. Two Superman games, Superman 64 and Superman on Xbox, are known for their ridiculous time limit levels, that require actions that would be somewhat easier to pull off if the controls werenít so heinous.

The most calming moment of the game, never leave this place

Iím not saying to completely eradicate the existence of time limit segments but make them doable, make them somewhat rewarding and not an in game event that induces the need urge to murder your console and accessories.

Escort based games
You know that game Amy?

Yeah I could leave it at that, but overall escorting is annoying if the AI is shoddy and camera angles can cause a lot of aggravation as well, but games that feature it at a consistent rate, should be burned.

Inventory weight limits
Iíve written about this in more detail HERE, but inventory weight limits are pointless. You can carry 8 rocket launchers but thereís no room for that pencil? And if you add the pencil you immediately begin to move like a hunchback turtle, but drop the pencil and youíre flying on sunshine. If your goal was to add realism to RPGís when it comes to how much a hero can carry, you failed.
So just make it unlimited so I donít have to keep stopping and dropping really good loot for really good loot and make mundane conversation with my companion in order to get them to carry the load as well.

Xbox Hardrive DLC save issue
This really annoys me and Iím sure it could be resolved, especially today. Moving your Xbox hardrive from your own machine to another and trying to load a saved game where DLC had been activated isnít allowed. And if all your saves are subjected to DLC, then you have to start a new game. Bioware especially are inadvertently in my line of rage regarding this issue. Dragon Age and Mass Effect are both games I love and replay and naturally get a lot of DLC for.

Skippable Cutscenes
Firstly I want to emphasise how vital it is that this is a consistent option when we speak about replays of games especially. There are some games that somehow register that you are replaying the game and let you skip scenes, but there are far too many that do not. I understand that sometimes itís helpful to not have the option to press a button to skip a cut scene, because then you could do it accidently when you donít want to and miss something.

When this scene happens and your mother walks in, you really do want to miss it

But again it should be an option regardless, perhaps make it so you need to simply press two buttons or confirm. Iím currently playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and the cut scenes are quite lengthy and unskippable, thereís only one part at between missions when you get an unanimated head telling you whatís ahead. Gee thanks head. Cut scenes also serve a purpose in terms of loading, but once the game has gone through the motions, it should let you skip, an option that is there in many games.

Bringing up Hitman Absolution and 007: Legends again Ė the former is clearly infinitely superior in terms of graphics and technicality and yet the latter has the longest reload and once more features a scatter mix of skipping options. Reloading if youíve been killed or wish to restart a checkpoint is a lot faster in Hitman than 007: Legends and I just do not understand why, plus it only serves to make me hate that game more.

Paying extra for what should be there already.
Basically, remember the debacle that was the Day One DLC with Mass Effect 3 and the Prothean? The fact that it was DLC at all was silly and yes given that the whole game has Protheans at the centre it was integral to the story. Donít do that again.

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