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Below is the first attempt I ever made at reviewing a game properly and it somehow got published, though not on a known site. So here it is in all it's embarrassing glory and I haven't even applied spell check or edited it. Let shame be plentiful and fully exposed!

SpiderMan:Web of Shadows

*Beware there are some spoilers in this*

You know I've always wondered where game developers went wrong when it came to superhero games. I mean take Superman. He's got the basic traits of your uber powerful hero, super strength, flight, speed, laser eyes ect. So you'd think a game with him would just be immensely fun and just fantastic. And yet every Superman related game that has come out on any console/format has let down gaming fans and comic book fans. Can you honestly name a Superman game that was bordering on perfection in terms of the formula and the resulting gameplay. Superman Returns was the best I've seen, but it was still prety flawed and repetitive.

Now Spiderman is a different dude altogether, his means of travel, his means of enemy attacks are completely different and from a logical mapped layout for a game you'd think that a Spiderman game would be more difficult to successfully create.

Well screw you logic of the universe and your minions of physics. Cos Spiderman is the only shining example of how to make a good, loyal comic book related game. Primarily I'm thinking of Ultimate Spiderman, Friend or Foe and of course the critically acclaimed Spiderman 2. Spiderman 3 made me cry, let's not talk about it right now.

But while Spiderman 2 topped all comic book games and was favoured as the best Spiderman game by many a reviewer,player and critic, a new Spidey game has come out and I'm going to say it and I don't care what toxic fruit you hurl at me - Web of Shadows is the best damn Spiderman game yet! 

Whatever niggles and naggles and other words that sound like lord of the rings creatures, there were in Spidey 2 have been erased, de-bugged and refreshed in this game. You've got all of Manhattan to web-sling around. You can go by foot or by air, though there are times when dropping to the ground and loosing track will result in your mission failing.

Remember in Spiderman 1 when you couldn't go to the streets because the lazy creators couldn't be bothered enhancing the map or graphics. Remember when Spiderman would die from touching the streets of Manhattan? Oh what fun.

If you do fail at a certain point during a mission, it doesn't make you restart from the very beginning of that said quest, no no, the boys at Activision realised that would anger players.
If you are chasing a bad-guy, let's say it's Electro and there's 4 parts to this. You fight him on a rooftop, then a railway, then the river and then a bridge - well if you loose track of him at the river you're not sent back to the rooftop, you just carry on from the river again.
Yes that was a rather long winded analogy, but it goes to show that aside from the genre of the game, a general gaming faux pas has been wiped out altogether. Nothing worse than getting so close to completing a task only to have some stupid interruption ruin it for you and send you back to the beginning.

Depending on what console you got the game on you'll have a different roster of Marvel guest stars. There are some though that will appear in all formats, like the Black Cat, deliciously voiced and acted by Tricia Helfer of awesome Battlestar Galactica fame. 

*spoiler alert-avert thine eyes*

Symbiote Black Cat is freaky as hell though.The hair...lord.

I don't really like this Marvel idea of having different selections for different consoles. They've done it with the atrocious X-Men 3 and also with the groovy Ultimate Alliance games. Don't. I played he Xbox version and found out Aunt May appears in another. Do you know how cool it would of been to see her go all symbiotic on Spidey!
The guest stars not only feature as geeky eye candy, but can also be called upon, when your special metre bar is full, to aid you. To be honest I was that immersed in battles that I rarely called upon them, but when you do it's pretty cool and they do fight off the baddies. Black Cat is especially useful.

The main feature of this game is the choice system, which isn't a constant re-occurence but is split evenly across the game. Depending on your choice of Black or Red, I'm sure you can guess which is good and which is bad, you'll be treated to a different cut-scene and also a different ending. Also such actions will unlock different achievements.

You'll get some 'escort' missions, which thankfully don't last too long. I hate escort missions, but the way it was done in this game made me not growl with anger...for once.

The attacks are plentiful and enhanced greatly by the real-time instant transformation between black and red. You could web zip a baddie and have changed between costuumes 3 times before your foot is shoved down there throat.

You are given tutorials in certain moves by other heroes and the ones thought to you by Luke Cage are REALLY helpful, if not annoying to get use to at the very start. Lets just say without web-zip linining enemies and being able to bounce between, as well as using the Black Suits tendril attacks, this game would be extremely difficult and annoying to many players. The B button is your friend gamers.

There is one boss battle, where you have no choice but to use such attacks as it's in the air and you're too far up to web-sling onto anything.

You gain EXP points for every enemy vanquished in this game and can upgrade your moves. There's a great array to choose from and as you progress some attacks are just that damn cool you'll never grow tired of using them. The speed and fluid movement of some attacks is just amazing and breath-taking and completely makes this game a big fat juicy winner.

I can't praise this game enough. Ok I could but you'll all poor banana juice on your screens and then fall asleep and have sticky banana juice faces.


There you have it and now you know why no one likes to eat with me in public!

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