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Glowbear avatar 3:29 PM on 10.28.2012  (server time)
Scary Granules: A podcast about games, hitler & strong independance

Our first podcast has been recorded, reordered and is sordid. Well not really...not too sordid, but bare in mine it is me.

So begins the first episode in our little aural adventures and I'd like to introduce Scary Granules Episode 1: Halloween Special with Panzadolphin and Glowbear.

Download it here:

Scary Granules Download -!115

Sadly for some reason the format system for links right now is somehow bringing you guys and us to an error site. So for skydrive download it's best to copy and paste. Sorry guys but it's Dtoid becoming sentient!!

Also here:

Scary Granules SoundCloud

This has been in the works for a little while now and hopefully something fun with a dash of professionalism will come.
So yes we're new to it, but everyone is new to everything at the beginning. Let us know how to improve things ect, sadly my voice can't be changed folks.

Any emails, questions or feedback is very welcomed, via our twitters or [email protected] .

Glowbear: I'd actually like to apologise in advance for my voice and sounding like an animated pot smoking potato that can't spell potato.
I apologise also for the coughing and throat cleaning, I am diseased with illness.

Here's that WONDERFUL NSFW video of mentioned:

Find us at:
Panza Twitter
Glowbear Flavours

Note: Typically haha, it seems Skydrive is being finickity i.e a dick and shows the link for some and not for others but it is there and if it doesn't work, then we have a Soundcloud. Though the Skydrive version is much better.!115

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