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I'm just a radioactive ghetto bear who would steal your grandmothers teeth to have a Knights of the Old Republic 3 game made.

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It'll be a long time before I can afford to cross the great puddle know as the Alantic Morrisette and so I thought I'd give this adoption thing a go.

There's a bunch of people that I know are going Iíd really like to meet and hang out with. PAX sounds and looks like an amazing experience overall. Maybe next year I'll be able to work something out, I just need some duct tape, a lock picking tool and a lot of belief in myself.

I'm potty trained, don't have any diseases (at least the kind that doesn't make a party fun IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) and I shaved my bear face especially for this!

My avatars have usually been some variation of a bear of luminosity, or myself in some ridiculously gay caricature. So I thought I'd just fuse it all together along with my love of potato inspired violence and make a special†PAX PROSTITUTING PHOTO!! Yay

I donít know why I uber-ducked face either ;_;

A better fully fleshed out version is†here

For whoever adopts me, I will send them a little gift in the post. It will depend on who the person is, because Iíll want to personalise itÖ.with my essence.

I don't think anyone is going to adopt me now...why did I do that....

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