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Glowbear avatar 9:51 AM on 10.10.2012  (server time)
Not being a gamer, can mean so much more to gamer.

My mother has no interest in games, she doesnít play them and doesnít quite care to spend time contemplating the culture impact of games that let you shag a catlike battle scarred comrade on a spaceship. But my relationship with my mother and her genuine interest in things I like warms my heart.
Despite having no interest in games she will do the following:

Constantly send me links regarding gaming related news or merchandise. Just recently she showed me a website that sold funky gaming related clothing and told me to add it to my bookmark folder for geeky links. See, she knew I had one.
Come home from a shopping outing and produce a pair of Sonic the Hedgehog or Bananaman pyjama bottoms.
Fling a copy of Gamesmaster I didnít know was out, in my general direction.

When my HP laptop broke a few years ago (the hinges just decided to not be hinges anymore), I was searching for a new one. I found a few that met my technical requirements but aesthetically most were quite plain. Pop goes a link from my lovely mammy, to a red Toshiba Qosmio with flames on it and it is under the category of gaming laptops. I was about to just buy a generic blue one and her super powers saved the day again and I type this on that laptop, aka my baby.

My other baby is an actual baby called Clive

My mother is the sort of mum that will come into your room when youíre in the middle of an intense level and start slapping the buttons whilst giving you this look.

Sheíll then exit the room laughing manically. She once tried to play Halo a few years ago and found it hilarious to throw sticky grenades up in the air and watch them fall straight down and attach to Master Chiefs head and then heíd be obliterated. She also managed to somehow make Pierce Brosnan do an Irish Jig whilst being pelted with bullets in a mine shaft in Everything or Nothing. Again all of these times had concluded with her leaving my room satisfied sheíd left her own Irish mammy mark on computer gamesÖand laughing like a mad scientist.

One of her most recent aids to my gaming life came with the Mass Effect 3 debacle. I have already ranted enough about how my game came extremely late despite spending extra on expedited shipping and then I found the entire contents smashed and pretty useless. Well there was also the problem of not being able to find any other Special Edition copies. I thought Iíd have to just give up and get a regular copy. Now it may or may not be slightly apparent that I love the Mass Effect series, but youíre forgiven if past articles donít give off that vibe, as it is a subtle one. Anyway I sat in my kitchen moaning to other Dtoidians and people in the house that my day had been ruined due to a gaming purchase. Now yeah, thatís a pretty sad thing to do but umÖnope thought Iíd find an excuse, there is none. Nevertheless within a few moments of taking a whinge-break I had gotten an email confirming a purchase from Sainsburyís (of all places) of the Special Edition of Mass Effect 3 and it would be delivered to my house in 2-3 days. Then I saw the name of the purchaser and it was none other than my mother. I skyped her (as weíre not in the same country) and her response was ďYeah I found it, now go play your game and sssshhh, Midsomer Murders is on.

The Germans call it this, because apparently Germans have a hard-on for Bergerac Man

God I love that mad woman. Iíll probably do the same to my offspring, only I will also make them cry when I kick their ass in a game, but thatís simply to prepare them for the harsh road ahead. Naturally. WhatÖdonít look at me like that.

I have a baby brother, whoís not a baby anymore but until heís legal and is stronger than me he will be treated as one by his over protective sister. HehÖstronger than me pahahaha! Anyway when he was a tiny teeny tot, he use to just watch me play games. We would hang out in my room and heíd watch me and occasionally pick up the controller and have a go himself. He inheritied his Ďcomedic gamingí traits from his mother as he use to, even as a gurgling baby enjoy sending my character off a cliff or lobbing bazooka blasts right beside my face. But it was worth it to hear the giggles he would makeÖat my expense. Then as he got older he wanted to play them himself and he is now as big into games as me and has his own taste. He use to wait until I had played a game and then could say if it for ok for him to play it. I donít know about you but I donít want my younger sibling casually strutting through a renaissance orgy in Assassins Creed II at a young age or ANY AGE. Nowadays he has, like me, an eclectic taste and has branched into playing games sometimes without me even knowing he has them. He is currently enjoying Sleeping Dogs and doing a second play through. It gives me a sense of pride to see how far heís come in terms of gaming skill, heís a really good player and itís funny watching him look for Easter eggs or even show me where a hidden room is in Batman Arkham Asylum. Whatís really enjoyable too is being able to play co-op with him, though apparently I was a scary angry co=op partner one time during Splinter Cell Conviction. I can believe that, corrupt governments stealing my daughter, and then leaving me to rot really grinds my gears.

Having meaningless erotic asphyxiation sex with a Nazi lookalike in a menís toilet just isnít who I use to be, until the Government came

In a recent post I mentioned a friend of mine who despite not being a gamer really, came with me to Eurogamer and immersed herself fully in the experience and has now started to get into gaming, mainly fighting games at the moment. Speaking of Eurogamer, I saw a lot of mothers there with either young kids of theirs, or overgrown kids who still needed their mums to buy them some anime dolls or pre-order games. Mothers go above and beyond for their children and for that reason alone, we should never deny them the glasses or boxes or wines they consume during the daytime when weíre not in.

I think itís important that no matter what your hobby, that you have people around you that accept it, because in a way itís just part of who you are. I was once involved with someone who told me that my geeky gaming interests were quirky, fun and part of a reason to like me, but then over time they started to say the opposite and made me feel uncool, simple and silly for having a room coated in gaming, comic book and psychotic bunny posters and images. I realised that being pushed so far that you might actually change your interests and lose out on something that you enjoy on a daily basis, not even always on a conscious level, but you just do and thatís all there is to it, was not a happy situation. It also helped me realise to never change who I am or pretend I donít enjoy what I do and think that Radiohead is pretty boring. Donít change who you are if who you are isnít an asshole.
Geek chic and all those other lingo languages are commonplace, though a lot of the time itís a forced, hollow style statement. In general thereís still plenty of people still to this day feel they have to hide their hobbies, their passions or who they are, be it the past times they like to indulge in, the things that turn them on, the music the like or the people they like.

We donít live in a world were we are all one gloop of hive consciousness and thatís a bloody good thing.

Thatís one primordial soup I am quite happy to not be part of thank you very much Neon Genesis EvangeLEMADNESSon

Who wants to be surrounded by people who like and think the same as you in EVERY aspect of life. Things would get pretty boring if we live in a mirror world, with no debates and sharing of difference ideas and activities. So Iím thankful for a funky mother and lovely brother, who either have come to love the same hobbies as I do or love me for who I am and remember things I like and send me articles and items related to those things. Iím glad I have friends who are straight, gay, even fur, all colours creeds and love games or donít love games, but either way arenít being idiots by belittling whatever you like. I like brave people, I like being brave, not standing in a corner like a sheep, never saying hello to someone because of differences.
I think hobbies, variety and friends of substance are integral to knowing happiness in this life and if you canít always have that mix, then banana flavoured beer is your next best bet!

Sidenote - Iíd just like to apologise for the terrible punning in the banner title. Iím a bad person, ban me from existence!

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