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I'm just a radioactive ghetto bear who would steal your grandmothers teeth to have a Knights of the Old Republic 3 game made.

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The past week has been a bit of a fail for me with gaming. I've played a lot of different games, just they've all decided to not like me and gang up on me. At least that's my excuse.
So here's a little round of WHAT WENT WRONG WHEN GLOWBEAR TOUCHED THINGS....accompanied by videos that capture the essence of week of gaming fails.

Oh hooorah!!

Gone Stark Raving Nowhere
Everyone has been raving about Gone Home, so given that I like the look of it and read about the gist of the story I thought it would be interesting to give it a go. So grabbed the game, consensually and everything seemed to be going fine. Oh until I tried to play it. Then this happened...

It never went past the loading screen. It just never did!

Dragonball Taiketsu is a piece of piss 
I don't mean that it's an easy game. I mean it's just stale piss. Wanna know more?
No you don't. It's just a terrible game. Here's me trying to replay it for God knows what reason

Oh noooo hohoho nooooo thank you spooky game
I just did a chapter of Slender: The Arrival and I thought I'd go into this not being that put out. But a few minutes in and my pants needed to be put out. The game is spooky you guys. 

Listen to my feeble, shameful whines!

Reliving the good ol' days?
So I was getting frustrated with the gaming fails and decided to play something I know like the back of my paw and setup Duke Nukem 3D. Only this was a broken Duke. Not broken morally like Forever, but still. 

The video will show you why. If I want to shoot explosive cannisters without having to be close enough I'm practically making out with them, I should have that damn right!

So I'm sorry I broke all the games, but I'll make it up to you with alcohol and terrible dance moves at either Cherry NARP or in some strange telepathic manner if you adopt me at PAX.


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