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Glowbear avatar 5:13 AM on 11.09.2012  (server time)
More of them Underrated Dtoid Bloggers!

Disclaimer: Just to reiterate in the first list I made some names were mentioned as being more known than others, but thatís all dependant on who you ask. Even if names are known, they might not be getting much in terms or views or feedback to represent that in their actual work.

Reading peoples work is the most important thing obviously, writers write for readers to read, but in order to have any sense of knowing how to cater or whether anyone is reading some form of response or bridge is needed. Itís easy to overlook people, because of who your friends are, thatís not an exclusive issue to Dtoid, but it does happen. Also keep in mind, underrated doesnít mean subpar to overrated either. It can mean the exact opposite

So for me I am acknowledging those I think are underrated and also those that need to know they have supporters, so we can all help each other out.

ShadeOfLight loves his indie games, but also has provided us with some cool gaming music to check out in his blogs. He shares with us his passion for gaming, through the non game play elements of the hobby, via music, his collection of merchandise/memorabilia ect. He hates the word flick, arrogance and knows the woes of friend zoning. Feels most of us have experienced. Shade of Light offers, like many spoken of previously variety in his written content, but also shares with us who he is and makes it easier to read his work and relate more.

RoninZero aka Dr Tom aka Dr Rockyowitz is this uber talented dude whoís main exploits exist outside of Dtoid and yet he still participates and collaborates as a community member. His Facebook Page shows off some of his insane musical talent and you can find more on Youtube. You should go like it, NOW. RoninZero helps people out, thatís what we need these days, even in the simplest of forms. When the Scary Granules Podcast was being conjured, I knew that at one point I wanted RoninZeroís music to feature a few times, his first inclusion being in Episode 2 and no doubt weíll have him as a guest in the future.

You want to know how to write an online dating profile that will be perused by filthy dirty gaming whores then look no further Ė Manchild has arrived. Itís not even the Dtoid Ok Cupid, itís the actual one!
TheManchild stuff can embody obscure topics, to obscure titles towards really good gaming perspectives. Kirbyís Return to Dreamland being one of my favourites. Manchild doesnít dick around when it comes to writing, he expressed his opinions in detail and gives you a good read. thatÖthe reading thing.

When it comes to good juicy reads by a self proclaimed tiny, afro wearing clean bodied film ticket collector (HEY ME TOO I DO THAT), say hi to Perfidious Sinn. Sinn likes to to focus on fighting games with their modestly titled ďI Suck at Fighting GamesĒ series. This is a really good series that Iím working my way through and if you like fighting games and FREEDOM, youíll check it out as well. Though Iíll be honest, my mind did wander when one part of the series had Ēmy first arcade stickĒ as part of the title. cough

Now looking at the sidebar profile for SephirothX and Nihil Ė these two donít need any real publicity but to be fair they provide entertaining reads and while promotion or nice fap/comment numbers trend with them, I still donít often find myself coming across them in terms of being spoken about, so a quick shout out and suggestion to them should occur. And it just did!

So Iím kinda enjoying doing this and perhaps might put up a 3rd. There are quite a lot of blogs out there to list and itís fun reading through articles you enjoy or missed.

Anyway, keep reading, keep writing and support each other. You canít get far in terms of getting your work out there, without some open mindedness and offering a helping hand or receiving one.

Well done Glowbear, on a triumphant end blog image made of CHEESE

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