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I'm just a radioactive ghetto bear who would steal your grandmothers teeth to have a Knights of the Old Republic 3 game made.

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Claire Sharkey
5:16 AM on 03.23.2013

I'm one of those people that arenít always up to date with other people when it comes to fashion or watching certain viral videos. It's not exactly a conscious choice, it's not even really a choice, and itís just not something I care about. I'm usually aware of what is going on for the most part, I just have no current interest in involving my own sense to it, until a random change occurs. I didn't watch Gangnam Style until everyone else had already become sick of it, even those who originally loved it and I didn't wear chinos until recently, even then my main dress code consists of geeky pyjamas.

The same can be said now and again of games. I've just completed Episode I of the Walking Dead and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the series. Everyone else has already played, raved and reviewed all the episodes and it's won many accolades, yet here I am late to the party. It's also worse because there's no guarantee that me playing this game would not have happened later rather than sooner or if at all. I got the game in iOs because I had been randomly gifted an iTouch for Christmas. My first apple product and despite it actually being quite nifty, I hope my last.

Iíve also picked up Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 and begun slowly playing it. I had originally gotten the first game in the series but it simply refused to play on my computer, then I traded in at CEX for the standard trade-in price of -£4.05p. Again another game that has already done its rounds being talked about and Iím just picking it up.

Let the poor man go

Walking Dead Episode I is free on iOs and I thought well may as well make use of this device and take advantage of this freebie that people have raved about. I started playing the game and then thought "you know what I'll at least finish it and see how I feel" but then I started to go through what I'm assuming most of you who have played this did - caring about the characters and enjoying the plot immensely, wondering what will come next. I'm glad I haven't spoiled myself so far. FYI making sure the 'p' in spoiled is there, makes that phrase less dangerous.

But to be fair one of the reasons I usually try well received games after a while is because Iíve gone through my own personal want list and I am bored. Itís the same for some television shows or films. When youíve exhausted your current stock of entertainment and diluted the internet, you need something to do with your free time (other than getting fresh air, being productive and socialising of course).

Oh gawd Iíve run out doing things that involve my bed

Sometimes boredom is what leads us to try new things and some of the time if not most of the time we end up being pleasantly surprised and glad we had some sort of inner arrow pointing in that direction.

As I said the reason for being behind the game so to speak, can be just by choice, not really caring or free time. But there are other reasons of course, primarily dah monies. How you gonna play the games if you donít have the monies? Oh but wait, if you canít afford to play games and get every game upon release, you should maybe pursue a less financially burdening hobby like underwater knitting. SeriouslyÖthatís one of the most redundant, ridiculous sentences Iíve heard in any context. Check yoíself before you wreck yíoself.

Have you ever finally gotten stuck into a game or given one a go, long after the fact? Do you feel the ache of loneliness when you want to talk about something you finally came across, but everyone else has set sail on that ship long ago?

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