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Inclusion in Gaming is a big deal to me, especially when it concerns the integration and acknowledgement of disabled people within the industry and the gaming community.

So I've decided to finally put the gears in motion for a project that has been on my mind for some time and that project is kicked off by an event I am organising called Gamer Inclusion Con.

The event details and tickets are here

How can I pitch in
Now I know that this event can only be attended by folks in the UK, but awareness is never limited by geography. If you can't make the event but would like to contribute in some way, I suggest heading over to Special Effects, a website that works with disabled gamers and it is where the proceeds of the ticket donations (which work like a Humble Bundle choice transaction) will be sent to and put to awesome use.

Also this is the twitter for the cause/event/derpdehurp so if you could follow and retwatt ect that'd be a big help!

You could also say a prayer, so I don't cock this up!

Y u do dis Glowby
Because as I stated this is an issue that's dear to my heart. Regardless of gaming or any past time, event or group, I cannot abide by the ostracization of any individual and I know what it feels like myself, as a child and shockingly (though not really) as an adult and I'm an able bodied white girl. 

So imagine for a moment how it feels for people who aren't as mobile as us or haven't got an easy life all around and how difficult these bastarding restrictions make for getting out there and meeting new friends, who as an added perk might be super duper into gaming.

It's also because I feel a bit useless in my jobless capacity currently and I want to do something of meaning, so I'm not just sitting around sucking up the air and daydreaming about sucking your mu...

The Event Itinerary

Loading Café is the main gaming bar in London currently (there are others but not as fully themed or easy to come across). It's hosts events all the times and has generously offered to donate some proceeds of the night towards the cause. Which is lovely.

There will be noms (I have a lot of baking to do for that night), drinks (cheeky cocktails on deal) a few talks from people who either suffer from a disability or work with people who do. We'll have a film and prizes and aside from awareness, it's a night out for people and I'm really hoping that (aside from making money for the charity) people come and make new friends.

So yeah the 4th of December GIC is happening and who knows maybe if it's a success we can host other awesome events that help bring people together, given how much divide and exclusion there is. Not among you guys....you're filthy whores to each other! 

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