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Glowbear avatar 6:49 AM on 03.18.2013  (server time)
Do we even need new generation?

Letís start this off in a professional manner shall we:

I do not give a damn about graphics in computer games exceeding what they are now. It does not keep me from slumber, it does not hold much weight on how I spend my money and it does not equate a good or great game.

The Playstation 4 unveiling, revealed two major pieces of information - it would have 'better' graphics and offer more social networking and sharing options. Ok so what? Did we not already have that with this generation?

Do we even need a new generation of consoles at the moment? Why not just bring out aesthetic modifications to change up the consoles we currently own and focus on making more innovative games, with interesting fun and unique storyline and game play and utilising not just 'realistic' graphics but making games where the art design is varied and completely unrealistic.
Knights of Amalur is a beautiful game, the art design, the landscapes are wonderful to look at, colourful, fresh and far reaching. Mass Effect offers barren landscapes, with ancient architecture and modern lightshow spectacles. Assassins Creed recreates history in detail, offering us not only wonderful landscapes and cities to gaze upon, but roam, climb and kamikaze off.

In terms of requiring a means of sharing what you do in a game with the world, we already have that. There are applications out there that let the world know your current gaming choice, scores and achievements. Raptr, Steam, Xbox Live, various backlog and statistical banner sites exist with the sole purpose of acting as an advertisement for your own accomplishments and showing off. Now if weíve come to the stage where weíre in such a rush to have our scoreboard updated as soon as possible that needing a button to do so on a controller is worth the money over taking a few moments to post it ourselves or wait until our affiliated extra curricular social websites do it for us, then I am very worried about how lazy and reliant we are on technology over our own ability to chill the feck out or move of our asses.

Interacting and sharing game play with friends is offered in real time to us via Xbox Live friends, Steam, Skype, Google Hangout and a host of other third party options. Thereís also the phone if you felt like it.

Hmmm why are they all rounded logos. Omg Illuminati!

I want gaming to sort out the messes it currently has itís feet firmly stuck in before it worries about bringing a whole new expensive wave down upon our heads, which will come with their own burdens. When thinking about the negativities of gaming, you only have to say some key words ĖEA, sexism, DRM, Online Pass, Pre-order Pre-orders to name a few.

Bringing a new generation of consoles out now isnít going to help anything. If you want to make a lot of money then produce a game worthy of our money, our time and our praise. The Steam Box Ė Piston that is apparently not the official steam box despite their initial marketing making it seem like it could only be that, clocks in at around $900. Do you think that a whole heap of people are going to be able, let alone want to pay that sort of money?

We want great games for the machines weíve already invested in. Unless youíre going to offer us something truly revolutionary, then just hold your horses, because if gaming companies believe that the next big cash flow will come from new consoles, they might be in for a shock. People donít have the money and a lot of people seemingly donít have the patience anymore.


Nothing truly mind-blowing or even underwear wetting has come from hardware announcements lately. If youíre just offering more hard drive and HD blah blah with the added option of posting your face instantly whilst you play yet another Call of Duty whilst masturbating to the Skyrimís soundtrack, then you donít need to fork out a load of money for a new console.

I can only speak for myself, but to be honest Iím happy with my Xbox 360 and PC, I want games with good stories and fun game play. That can be done without having to spend a lot of money as a consumer. Sometimes itís healthy for everyone to cool your jets, sit down and just grab your controller and play some games that you already have.

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