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Glowbear avatar 6:12 AM on 08.02.2012  (server time)
Daddy bought me a space yacht: Gaming Snobbery

Sometimes I think Iím a little too simple minded about issues I think should be simple. Iím the sort of person that can be indifferent, neutral or depending on the topic, an epic eye roller. Thatís the best way to describe it really.
One thing that makes my fuzzy brows arch and my eyes roll back so far, I have a HD view of the Napoleonic Wars is the subject of gaming snobbery. Yes, there are bonafide snobs in the gaming community.

ĒMy gamertag is Bouquet actually!

Now I am not referring to fangirl/boyism as being a form of snobbery at all, especially as I am a fangirl of a set of games, but I will be mentioning some affinities such a title has, because it does seem to be part of the snob-formula in some cases. If people don't like what you like, you soil your pantaloons and rage a thousand rages. Thankfully such a messy response doesn't happen with most people. No one likes people hating on something they cherish, but to counter someone simply declining to share the effection as you for a game, with lazy taunts and bashes isn't doing anyone any favours.

The Halo and Gears of War series are great games. There I said it. I loved Halo and though I had played many shooters prior to it, I had never played any quite like it. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Gears of War series and made sure to complete the trilogy. Iím primarily highlighting these two games because for some reason or another it is popular for people to say that these games are rubbish. Why theyíre rubbish I canít quite fathom, because to say theyíre rubbish is kinda extreme. Someone told me they enjoyed the Gears of War Series, but was kinda fed up with the big muscley space marine scene in shooter games. Thatís fair enough, they said they liked the game but didnít think it was all that and gave a reason. But I have had a couple of people tell me that the Halo series is flat out crap and they donít understand why anyone would play it. Thatís what I donít get again. How exactly is the Halo series crap? How is it that bad it deserves such a vapid blasting.

It is a fluid shooter, with a great ambient intense score, a colour palette that doesnít meld in with the common greys and browns of many games, particularly in the shooting genre and it does indeed have a story that has spanned into many novels, wikis and spin offs. So while you might pick up one of the games in the franchise, play it and not feel too compelled to try another, why would that deem the whole game and the gamers who enjoy it to be redundant and unworthy?

Halo multiplayer gets a lot of flack and yet it is not the gaming mechanics that people actually assault, itís the players. The 12 year old screaming wench children exist online with many games, but especially with the Halo series. Now is that not the fault of the people making screeching noises and yourself for not muting them, instead of the game. If peopleís complaint about the multiplayer in games like Halo is regarding the other humans that play it, then the game cannot be blamed for it has no control over who inserts the disc.

Generic is a term that is accompanied by games such as Halo, Gears and Call of Duty. Thatís a word I want to focus on here, because lets look at what first person shooting games are. They are games where you shoot. So the fact that they adhere to the genre they are in is always going to have an air or repetitiveness and therefore after a while become generic. But given that there are 7 books in the Harry potter series, does the element of magic because a generic trait of the series by book 5?
I personally donít have any interest in the Call of Duty series and thatís because I donít really have interest in modern war or games relating to it. I prefer there to be some element to a shooting game that isnít wholly grounded in reality.
I enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D because it was zany, boisterous and you shot a variety of aliens. I enjoy the FEAR series because it has paranormal elements and corporate corruption as part of its story line and I enjoy Halo and Gears of War, because the maps are vast, the atmosphere is different and executed superbly despite the possible reuse of colour palettes and the gunplay in it is just great fun. I can bounce about the screen simultaneously lobbing a stick grenade to a behemoth ape like alien, then melee a nearby one and pop a headshot at another in a matter of moments in Halo.

I can blast my way through grotesques hordes in Gears of War and finish off a move with a bloody chainsaw execution, then spin around to be greeted by an eloquently voiced insane queen on a giant laser pissing bee. Iím not quite sure what is so bad about games like that, but more so I am unclear as to why people feel the need to berate others for liking said games.
If you donít like something, does that mean everyone that does is lesser than you and isnít a true gamer? That sort of mentality in any area of life is why some people would rather have a conversation with a mouldy sock that someone of such a mindset.

Aaaaaahhhh relaxing

But back to Call of Duty. Iíve given the reason why I am not a player or fan of that particular series, yet I donít begrudge others playing it and I donít actually know if it is a good game to play. I suspect it is when itís sold so much and so many of my friends play it and I usually trust their suggestions.

I try to ween off my shameless love of certain Bioware games, especially Mass Effect but that's another series that people throw unoriginal slurs against and yet what they say does not compute with me. I'd like to think that the reason it doesn't make sense isn't just because I ove the game, but because it simply does not.
For Mass Effect I have heard extreme hateful comments such as "it's shit", "what a waste of money" and "there's nothing new of different about it, it's a terrible RPG".

The second quote is just ridiculous because it's a game, games cost money and if it's not coming out of you purse or wallet, then what business is it of yours what other people 'waste' their dollahs on?
As for the others, well that's just a load of nonsense. Without giving into the urge to list everything positive in my opinion about it, Mass Effect introduced us to a massive RPG world set in space, with intricate evolving backstories and lore. It created new weapons, worlds, species and despite the preditability and quickness of progression, gave us great character interaction and relationship machanics and stories. It also introduced a sense of unity and abolishment of bigotry for the most part by letting you form friendships and relationships with same sexes and different races (though you took your time giving gay men something to enjoy Bioware). It merged shooting tactics, storytelling, amazing scores and questing quite well and even if to others it didn't do so superbly, it did it better than 'shit'.

Gamers can get a lot of schtick by ever present case of stereotyping and while thereís no reason for it and the people doing it are just suffering from that classic epidemic of lacking an open mind and being idiots, the people within the community that rob the joy out of fellow gamers favourite titles are themselves are self made stereotype, that no one likes.

Now some series do have a tendency to just go on and on and the two main games Iíve highlighted here are subject to that criticism, yet it is up to me or you to decide if we keep purchasing those games and playing them. Yes it seems that these big AAA games that donít necessarily change their core mechanics throughout their sequels, get more attention than more deserving games struggling for life, but that is a matter of opinion. And when you look at gaming today, indie games are thriving quite well, MMOís are still doing well and nearly every other genre is selling and being loved by a large quantity all over the world.

Even if you think the big popular titles are rubbish and you just want to activate the hipster within you, you have to see whatís become apparent and thatís that gamers are craving for variety, they want amongst their reliable favourites like Halo, games that are new, fresh, cute and mind boggling just as much. The Ďgenericí shooter games arenít ruining the other genres or the potential for new innovations to get heard, theyíre just sitting there being enjoyed by people but also worrying slightly themselves that gamers hunger for something different and quirky is on the rise.

Iíll admit that when I heard about Halo 4 I groaned and thought ďenough alreadyĒ. But then I started to replay some Halo games, primarily Halo 3 and the Anniversary edition of Combat Evolved, I started to listen more to the story and then to read about the lore, then watch some videos of Halo 4 and against my initial judgements, I am now looking forward to playing it.
As for the next Gears of War gameÖ.Iím not fussed about that I just want some DLC explaining what sort of face cream Queen Myrrah used between 2 & 3 to give her that baby smooth ass face!

Seriously you guysÖwtf?

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