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Myself and Panza are going to be instigating some new ideas and we want you all to be part of some of them. So the first little special edition podcast will be as follows (the nudie one will be later on in the year).


Basically it'd be great if you guys could record yourselves reading some of your favourite or selected gaming urban legend stories or creepy-pastas. They can be ones you've made up or ones you know or came across online.

Then we'll put them all together in a funky podcast, with each segment coming with an illustrated intro by our very own ZombiePlatypus. The image will be a fusion of whatever the story is, plus some incarnation of the reader i.e YOUR FACE!

PM either of us here or Tweet at us here with what you want to submit. Then once you record it, send it to us via email or by whatever method is easier (dropbox ect). We'll grab it and work wonders.



1)Pick a gaming themed urban legend/creepy-pasta or make one up. One involving Dtoid members would be cool
2)Tell us the name and any basic tips for the intro illustration
3)It must be an audio and/or video submission
4) It's open to ANYONE!

We'll keep a list of names/titles here and keep updating, so no one picks the same thing.

We're aiming to have this go live early September, so there's time for everyone involved!

Glowbear (Pokémon Black)
Used (original creation)
Mxy (Herobrine)
Marche100 (Tails Doll Course - SUBMITTED)

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