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Glowbear avatar 5:17 PM on 03.03.2013  (server time)
Confessions of a night time bear

I'm sitting here on my laptop, perusing Steam trying to play games that have some longevity or will draw me in for a few hours. It's only 10pm and I want to go to sleep, but for the wrong reasons. I am feeling frustrated, confused and want to alleviate this inner nuisance that barks at my brain and makes my chest tight. Iím forewarning you and myself that tis may come across more like a diary entry than a gaming related blog, but it is all relative. I might even confuse readers and cause them to ponder "is that bitch having a mental breakdown". Well you know...

I'm not in the mood for a film, least not the ones I have on my desktop. I'm in the mood for gaming, PC gaming. I want to play a bunch of games, even to start a save file on new ones. I have so many in Steam now, but obviously not near the number as people on my friends list have. Heck if anyone is reading this you'll probably see my profile and think "damn Glowbear thinks that's a lot? Gurl be crazy". But from not being able to buy any games on Steam originally, due to some odd transaction error, to now having a bunch (mainly via gifts from a good friend who is also a Godzilla fighting then eating, monster) is a lot to cope with. Well that's a bit dramatic...just bear with!

After the disappointment that was Alien Colonial Marines, which didn't even warrant a proper review from me, just a list of hand and nit picked rant bursts, I decided to try out Aliens V Predator Classic 2000 (sounds a bit like a sports car doesn't it?)

THIS guy. The effort he puts in to the weird accent. He overdoes it so much itís amusing more than irritating.

The Aliens in this game are a lot jumpier and manic than those that are in Colonial Marines. At first I find it easy enough to pick them off, in fact headshots occur with ease and itís amusing to see their heads just pop off and then the nice added touch of their Xeno tails whiplashing one last time. But then as I progress the little buggers pop out of nowhere and ricocheted all over the place like epileptic heroin raccoons. A couple got the jump on me and the tried and tested method of doing a wide spanned 360 whilst firing at them paid off.

Earlier I had reinstalled Dota 2, a game that I originally started to play because Valve clearly wanted me to otherwise they wouldnít have sent me the equivalent of the population of Croatia, in invites for the game. I tried it a while back and played a few hours, though to be honest I wasnít entirely sure if I was ever close to the end goal or if I was just meant to fight as long as possible. For a beta, thatís still a beta (isnít it?) itís going on for quite some time and Iíve noticed that itís still very popular and people have racked up a lot of time playing and continue to do so.

After that I decided to play Cave Story. This is a really fun game, simple fun cute plat forming. Only thing was that it seems my save file for it has completely vanished, packed its bags and gone to Barbados for a holiday. Cheers for telling me. Iím not that far in to not ever want to start from the beginning but I was still enough of the way through the game that itís bothersome. So after finding out my save file was no more, I left and sought greener pixilated pastures.

Thief Gold is now running in the background as I meander through files and WordPadís, another game I had issue with running and a reinstallation of Steam seemed to fix things up. There are some ugly buggers in that game, which is naturally the doing of the graphics and not the genes they inherited from their hag mothers. Iím hoping that Gold was a good first Thief game choice, because Iíd like to play another, but Iím not sure if this is the one that will hook me enough to play more. It also reminds me of when I never gave Oblivion a proper chance and Iíll be honest with you I still donít know why, thereís no reason for it, I love Skyrim and when Fallout 3 kept being a fail for me when I begun the game to the point where I nearly threw it away (into my trade in drawer) I still gave it one more chance and then got stuck in it and New Vegas.
So donít ask me why I didnít play Oblivion, because I am very confused about that myself. Itís kind of like how I have no idea why I was born with a deep seated loathing of Chuck Norris. It justÖis there.

Sidenote: I really wanted to play this game when I was a kid.

I remember seeing it in the townís only computer store and thinking thatíd be a fun shooter. But I donít know why I didnít get it, maybe my specs werenít great. Imagine my horror when I found out Norris was in a film of the same name.

Anyway moving on - Ideally right now Iíd love to play multiplayer with people. A Mass Effect 3 stint on a few maps, especially the ones I havenít played and the new characters Iíve downloaded but not accessed or used would be cool. Iíd even say co-op in Colonial Marines would be nice, but we all know when it lags like how it lags (if I put enough effort that line could be a country song lyric), then itís not worth bothering.

NO Lance, no! Do not even bother tryingÖyou wasted it all.

To those that donít have me on steam, feel free to add me above and also the simple colourful network that is Raptr.

So there it is, currently not even midnight here at the time of me writing this and Iím trying to delve into as many games as possible in order to kick-start a good completion marathon over the next few days/weeks and to keep my mind occupied on my realistic annoyances that plague me. The worse thing to do (which Iíve learnt the hard way) is to do nothing when your mind is harassed by various stresses and woes. So in this hour of need to keep me occupied and focused on more freeing, fun activities I turn to games.


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