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Glowbear avatar 6:30 PM on 09.06.2013  (server time)
Bear Go Boom: This has gone on too long now!

Disclaimer: I'm writing this in a fit of semi-rage, semi-madness. Apologies in advance for any poorly worded sentences apologies. INSANE BEAR IS INSANE AND HER JIMMIES ARE COSMICALLY RUSTLED!

I'm very sick and tired now of seeing the same thing all the time and I suppose it's my own fault, for having eyeballs that function, just about.

I have a twitter account primarily for gaming and for discussing news and stuff I come across or plugging my own work, because in this day in age you have to do that. You have to submit yourself to the social media gears, which I'd personally just rather not. But being as everyone else has to do it as well, means that twitter and similar places is where you hear news first, especially if it's controversial and within the gaming industry and community, twitter especially is just buzzing with all sorts of nasty news.
I'm just fed up with it and I know that me being fed up and typing those words, isn't helping anything. But you gotta vent, I mean my feeds and the articles I come across are littered with ventilations right? Only most of them are so, violent. I see so many feminist related groups and tweets and that's not because I follow them, it's because the gaming world is doing something that causes people to hone in and what it's doing, isn't a good thing. But then again, there's no such thing as bad press eh. The worst a story is, the more views you get, which is all very well and good and you can't counter that. 
Heck I find myself curious and following gaming news that is just tainted with negativity, but I usually end up regretting it, because my blood boils and the sight scares my flatmate.
Look at the past week or two alone, which I've highlighted in a blog post I did here.

It's just one thing after the other. It doesn't matter how small or massive the news or the implication is, it doesn't matter if it's a justifiable example of sexism or bigotry or if it's someone getting the wrong end of the stick. The truth is, that it all counts and worse still the truth is that a lot of the time, the stick was got the right way around...if you um get my meaning. Oh that was terrible. 
But you do, you get it. A lot of sexism related issues brought up in the gaming industry and community, are more often than not, by a scary margin, real problems and legitimate in their need for attention.

But all we do is give it attention, we read with our eyes and we type with our fingers, if some of us can be bothered. I mean a lot of the time I never comment, because you're just too exhausted. The mind overloads with the lunacy you see, the blatant disregard for peoples feelings and then the people who preach about being oppressed and yet see only their oppression as being valid and the worst of all forms. See that's a thing we can't seem to admit at the very least, that both sides of whatever demographic have assholes. The fact that we have to say words like 'sides' is a problem itself.

People are either too afraid of being PC or too stuck up their own butts to attempt to just button their opinions, so as not to cause emotional harm to someone. And what's wrong with that? If you don't get to tell someone what you think of them, so what? Will the world implode, because your smartarse, comment wasn't heard and didn't upset someone.
But they shouldn't be upset; they shouldn't be on the internet. I could write a bunch of poorly executed paragraphs on what is wrong with those statements, but In won't because it's just obviously wrong, so just shut up. Go into your little cave and shut up.

Wtf is this even?
People who hate Trans folk and people that hate Cis folk. Both of you and your racist mothers (I don't know where I'm going with this but I'm on a RageRoll) can just piss off.
If someone tells you their name and their gender, you refer to them by that and not by anything else, regardless of how much sense it makes to you.

And if you're someone who feels the need to berate someone for making a mistake, with no ill intention, regarding your gender, don't fucking go on about it, get a grip. Just because another human does not use the same vocabulary as you, does not make them a bigot or phobic and you just sound pretentious.

Twitter's like this are (hopefully trolling) venomous vomiting vile upon the earth. Twitters that are opposite in extremities are libel to the same labeling.
Not being bigoted assholes is far easier than you may believe, but because the internet is so rife with them, you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Gaming industry - you have a problem. You can't keep designing female characters in a manner that IS degrading and then justifying not even justifying it. I'm not talking about Dragon Crown here, that game's art style is intentionally ridiculous. I'm talking about games where they depict women that look like real life women, in so far as palettes and the genre of gaming. But real women don't all look like some of the airbrushed traumatised androids you give us a lot of the time.

I'm a fucking beauty when I take a shit though!
And don't think that just by gender swapping or throwing in a token gay, that the issue is fixed, never to be spoken off again. People are not stupid, well ok, some are...feck it, a lot are. Put a bit of goddamn effort in. It's not hard to write characters, especially if your salary is dependent on your WRITING GAMING CHARACTERS.

Fix the problem by making it so the problem doesn't exist. Are people not bored of barely covered boobs in gaming? Or of listening to ‘prominent’ people in the gaming industry, like the dudes behind PAX acting like idiots with regards to the topic of rape? Oh but “freedom of speech”.
That’s another redundant line. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of responsibility and just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. It doesn't benefit you or the next person, unless when you say something that causes harm, you suffer multiple Galactus Tier orgasms.

We need a moment of cute!
So what if there's a bunch of 'hot babes' trying to electrocute themselves by chewing on Xbox controllers. You're a bloody fool if you think that's real and you're a worse fool for letting it consume your mind.
You know what annoys me more than 'gamur gurls lol tits'? Any tv show where any human regardless of looks, is suppose to be playing a game in a scene and it looks like their hand is having an epileptic fit.

Everyone is so damn self entitled and we're all on a bloody conveyor belt that is leading us through a troth of shit every time. We need to jump off the conveyor belt or stick a great big spanner in it, to blow it up.
I'm not even saying anything ground breaking or new. It's obvious, it's easy. Good gravy!!


Oh jog on mate.....I'LL EAT WHAT I DAMN WELL PLEASE!
PS - Oh and PewdiePie is a pain in my balls, stop saying rape so much. Rape isn't a thing that's ever ok to use jokingly.

PSS - Yes Sarkeesian is a bloody shoe, but not everything she says is bullshit. Some of it is rooted in truth so deal with it.

I'll look back on this in the morning and wonder what the heck happened to me v_v

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