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Glowbear avatar 1:38 PM on 09.28.2012  (server time)
A lone gamer left behind

There's no more gamers in my house, now. It's just me. Which is fine and all, but slightly sad and if I stretch it a bit awwwww.

I grew up in a field, also funny enough where I was born, as initially a fart. Now I was always into games but never had any friends that were that big into them or at least in a manner in which we could discuss them and I could spread my excitement about an upcoming game.

My hobby was my own private, not by choice, passion and not everyone got it. Most people just played football and occasionally hooked up their Sega Mega Drive or Snes, but those consoles would soon end up in the back of a wardrobe and probably never get picked up again and relived.
That was just the sort of people I knew, the age, the mentality I donít know.

Where I was brought up, a lot of people played Gaelic, football or hurling. There were more worried about being able to go out clubbing as young as possible and find new places to smoke without getting caught. Thatís not a smear against them, thatís just a very basic general description people I knew in my teens. I was more interested in the cinema and gaming, and then as I got older going out Ďproperlyí became a thing and yet it never interfered with or caused a decline in my love of gamingÖobviously.

As Iíve mentioned in previous posts I spent many years just playing demos for various reasons and I didnít really buy any gaming magazines, I donít think it was until I got my first proper console, the Xbox, that I started to read more magazines and then the opportunity to talk to others about games increased. Then as I gained my own independence and got over my extreme, yet still justified wariness of the web and strangers that I got to talk to people Iíd never actually met about my most loved hobby. I had lived in a few different places with different people, the closest I got to living with other gamers who I could speak daily about all things Xbawk and alike was with two friends on campus, though we didnít often game together.

I moved into a new house over a year ago and everyone was a gamer and we would have daily discussions and also played together, be it online hollering from each others bedrooms with the door open, having Lan parties which were great fun, or snuggled up together in a strictly platonic sense in a dimly lit room playing something heart wrenching like Amnesia

But as times change and people move on, geographically speaking lately in the place I currently call home in the UK, Iíve realised that I am now the only gamer or person interested in gaming in the house. Itís not new, itís not this heartbreaking thing, and itís just something Iíve noted. But while I think itís great to be able to find people to live with that share similar interests it can also be a bit of a social hindrance.

Think about it, a house full of people who are hardcore World of Warcraft players. Do you think any of them will see the sun on a weekly basis? Because none of them will be a motivator for the other to do something different or to detach themselves from the others. So in a way I can see the merits of not living with friends who have similar passions as you and share in them as much as you do. I love gaming, I love talking about it, but I will always prefer to go out, meet people and do doing things as it were more. There are obviously times when nothing is more pleasant that just chilling at home in your geeky pjs, playing games all day, just enjoying your own company and not worrying about how you look.

One house mate cum good mate in particular is responsible for introducing me to the fun yet frustrating Super Crate Box, Freedom Force and Mount and Blade. In turn Iíve shown him the brilliant and quirky Dungeons of Dredmor, the cracktastic Deadly Premonition and after sneaking into his room whilst he slept, installing it and slipping the box under his bed, Knights of the Old Republic. But now Iím living with a couple of new people, I can resume my nightly ninja new gaming converting missions, perhaps treating the whole endeavour as if it were a game level. See you might read this and be worried about my mental health and the safety of my housemates and let me just assure you here and nowÖ.youíre totally right to be worried.

So in short, or as short as possible for me when I get going on these write ups, I'm going to miss my old housemates, their mutual love of games, our ability to introduce each other to games and get excited or rant about something, but at the same time I'll carry on playing games by myself for the most part because well we all do that most of the time and there's nothing wrong with that, not like we all read books together whilst braiding our back hair!

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