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Glowbear avatar 2:18 PM on 12.31.2012  (server time)
A Glowing year round up & Quickshot reviews!

A quick one or two line review of the games I have completed this year! I know, I know, for once I don't prattle on for ages. BE THANKFUL!

To the Moon
Lovely, heartwarming game that's like Pokémon only no battles or animal slavery.

I enjoy the entire FEAR Series, but this one didn't make me want to replay at all. Silly ending. They need to not do a FEAR 4 and if they do, give it another name and fresh story.

Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Fun old school game, catch it with your tentacles on steam.

Rayman Origins

This game if bright, cheerful and truly a brilliant platformer&I think it really brought platforming games back on track. Everyone should try this, even if you are a hardcore bloodgore whore.

Mass Effect 3
Nuff said.

Dragon Age: Awakening
I never finished it until recently. I think what happened was Dragon Age II came along (which I love so ssshh) and so when I went back to Awakening, whatever part I was at I simply forgot how to battle and failed miserably. But very good expansion pack and ties in with the novel The Calling.

Left 4 Dead
Yes I'm very late to the game, but at least I finally got there. Fun game, but yeah only really when you play with others.

Dead Island
S'aright zombie basher.

Starfox (3DS)
Think I played this because it was a dry gaming patch.

Goldeneye Reloaded
Just meh, played it for the sake of it, check here for more.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
A game I got years ago, that didn't work due to my 3D card being shit, so I traded it for the awesome Age of Empires II. Wanted the box edition, won it on ebay and finally relived it.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare
Not a bad little add-on, but when I played the demo nothing made me think the full price was worthwhile, I simply enjoyed the Alan Wake game a lot&had spare MSPoints.

Pokémon Black
Fun enough, though I remember little. Other than feeling like they need to take a long ass break from Pokémon.

Dark, tense and great little game.

I Am Alive
When this was first announced a while ago I was excited about what it looked like it was going to be, but it wasn't exactly that at all. Still it's a good game when the camera angles aren't being a bitch.

Max Payne 2
Never played a Max Payne game before, got gifted this and it took me a few times to get really into it. I've mentioned beforehow it does a good job of portraying a female character without adding detriment to her.

Angry Birds Rio(&Space)
Fun, simple, travel friendly games. Not much more can be said, currently playing Star Wars version, same description for it.

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis
The 1st Secret Files was alright, but not replayable and the voice on the female lead was atrocious. This game I couldn't really care about and just played it to give it a chance. Runaway is a far better "couple" adventure point 'n' click.

Halo 3
See I actually finished this a couple of years ago, but it never registered on my Xbox achievements because I did it on easy. So fuck that, replayed it!

Dragonball GT
Old game, s'not bad if you're a fan, even if your heart aches at GT related memories.

That bloody creepy scene

Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS)
It's not much different the rest of the recently previous Mario games. Handy toilet time killer.

Crysis 2
Played this a couple of months ago and was surprised that I enjoyed it. Chaotic and tactical all at once. Will keep an eye on 3.

Max Payne
After playing the second game, wanted to see what the first was like. It's a bit less enthralling and easy on the eyes than the second, but least I can tick it off my list.

Sleeping Dogs
Fun game, but played it in a rush as it wasn't my copy and had limited time with it. Definately worth a proper playthrough. Good voice acting and really fun gameplay. COULD HAVE BEEN SHENMUE 3!

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Fun quick paced shooter. Controls feel a bit weird and airless when you are in vechile mode, like a draft of wind might send you flying but otherwise it's straight to the point and still executes a Transformers game quite well.

Halo 4
I really enjoyed it, the gunplay is tighter in a noticeable fashion. I found the story didn't quite remain as strong. I was intrigued at the prologue and then any revelations were lacklustre and never came to a worthwhile climax. Still lovely looking, fun game. Replaying on Legendary, don't expect I'll fare to well. Hopefully get some multiplayer happening in near future with you guys.

Assassins Creed III
Nice to not be Ezio anymore. 3 games was too much. The Conor side was good, somehow did feel a bit different in game play. My only regret is I basically did very little of the sidequests and expansion missions, which there are many. I will probably replay it. The Desmond side of things I'm glad is over too but that ending was just...bleh. Offical stamp of bleh there.

Super Meat Boy
One of those 'frustrating in a good way, yet sometimes just plain frustrating' games. It's pretty damn good, great soundtrack and you genuinely sigh with relief and feel like you've accomplished something (for what that's worth in a game) when you've cleared a level. But my god is it frustrating at times...but it's no Super Crate Box

This took me a little while to get into, not sure why. I think I didn't have enough time when I first got it and so would only play short bursts. But then when I hit my stride I really got into it. I am trying to replay it now to get the Clean Hand achievement and some others, but that is proving somewhat contrary, not in terms of successfully not killing people, but the game seems to have little glitches that impede the whole trek.

Anyway those aren't the games I've played this year alone, they're just the ones I've completed wholly and thankfully was able to remember them all thanks to the forum thread.

I gave you all belated terrifying honest look into the quiet shy girl behind the radioactive fuzz.

Some of my most cherished, personal favourites in temrs of my own blogging. I am cashing in my vanity card now. Deal with it!

Tips from a person with lady bits regarding talking about lady bits

Gaydebate sounds like something else

Daddy bought me a space yacht: Gaming Snobbery

We shouldn't be unable, to include the disabled.

A year of gaming firsts and conversions

And one I'm not proud off and can't even use being drunk as an excuse, because I actually write better when lushed to full capacity.


This was also the year that myself and the delightfully indifferent Panzadolphin56 had the bright ear to blast your ears with our mutually exotic voices, via the Scary Granules Podcast. For those that haven't listened to it yet or got involved A) My heart is broken and I will now drown in ice cream desserts B) Please do give us a chance and help spread the word, the sexy sexy word.

Thanks as always to everyone who has shown me kindness or titties here, there and everywhere. If I've met you here or IRL, I don't regret so. Except you, because you still haven't return my stuff!! Have a fantastic New Year and good happy times and happy gaming in 2013!

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