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Glowbear avatar 8:38 AM on 12.10.2012  (server time)
2012: Cheesy Mass Erections

I sincerely hope none of you reading this are lactose intolerant. If you are, brace yourselves, it's a cheesy bumpy ride ahead, which will pain me to write as Iím a cold hearted monster.

The moment isnít cemented in a cinematic interactive gaming clip, though it is related primarily to one specific game and thatís Mass Effect 3. Now Iím not going where you think I am with this.

So Iíve mentioned before at an alarmingly desperate rate, that this has been a year of new things or an expansion in positive ways of gaming related endeavours and groovyness. In particular Iíve mentioned that while I had the odd few people to talk about games with, it was never frequent or as intense as it has been in the last year and a bit. So leading into my gaming moment of the year, Iím going to take a bit of a liberty and make up my own rules. This is a moment, but an elongated one, that despite my stubborn, radioactive, mothering ways meant a lot regardless of ups & downs.

So hereís where I break up this cheeky blog into two sections:
1) The moment pertaining to the Mass Letdown (see what I Ö oh whatever!)
2) When the actual gaming started and sharing the experience

Heartbreak of a young supple drunken gamer

Mass Effect 3 as a game, in my opinion was amazing and wunderbar! Iím a whore of some Bioware games (as a female with boobs Ďní whatnot I can totally claim the word whore and work it). There were great moments, heartbreaking moments, shower cheating sex moments and some what the feck moments.

*Feck is a lovely word our Lord gave us for when itís pre-watershed or weíre in a public park and canít get away with saying FUCK!

But outside the world of Mass Effect the game, was an annoying, stressful soul crushing experience felt by many gamers and fans of the series. Primarily it was felt in the basic act of acquiring the game and specifically the Collectors Edition. So without trudging up the past in paragraph form here, the gist of the matter is when the game finally arrived - this happened. CRASH ĎNí BURN
In short the game package and discs were buggered and I had thought I was going to have to go without the Collectors Edition and also itíd take a while before I got to play any of the game. Thankfully the mother saved the day but hereís where things get relative.

Many Dtoidianís had naturally undergone their own dilemmaís ordering the game, especially those that had ordered via GAME. Others faced the aggravation of the Day One DLC debacle that occurred and having only ordered the standard edition were being royally screwed over by EA. So in a way having a net of people to talk to about various grievances was a supportive experience. Sharing love for something can cause unity, but good gravy, sharing hatred for a gaming company can offered even temporary unbreakable bonding moments. As others I were chatting to received their games or were close to having a copy fly towards their yearning groins, I broke the news of what had happened and to be fair the only thing that cheered me up that evening was the shared disgust at the entire delivery ordeal and the kind offers from various people of their copies of the game or their DLC codes. Also pizza happened that nightÖwhat, I was a wreck. Games are all some of us have!!!!

Sharing Mass Effect with you all

In terms of sharing the actual gaming experience, there were many joyous means of conversing with people, spilling spoilers, keeping spoilers, talking about moments you hated, loved and were unintentionally aroused by. One of my housemates, who used to live with me, got the PS3 version and I saw how superior the boxing was for that Collectors Edition. We would also meet each other in the kitchen and try and whisper out where we were in the game, so as not to ruin it for the other and then talk about what we thought might happen ect.

Many blogs I had written were Mass Effect related, too many I suppose, but it gave me a quickstart in terms of getting back into blogging and writing.

The forum found on Destructoid, Mass Effect Forum Thread alone offered a bundle of game play and opinion sharing. In particular, many pages were devoted to the whole topic of indoctrination and the many varied views of the ending of the story we had spent three games and optional DLC playing through. Such topics would lead to interesting theories developed by various people, strong rebuttals, and the odd debate and then there would be a break from it all, where pictures of Dr Chakwas or derp renditions of various characters would occur.
But then after a few weeks, Bam! indoctrination would repeat. It was all fun though and I highly doubt anyone took anything too seriously, if they didÖwell, back away slowly. Itís a game.
The thread is still active, what with replays and new DLC like Omega (which I enjoyed) and various free multiplayer maps popping up.

Not sure how a schematic of my womb appeared in the game??

Speaking of which, the multiplayer was something I really got jollies from. Again Iím like a broken tape (if I said record itíd be too hipster and Iíd have to shoot myself in the working butt cheek) Ė but I have written before about not really doing the whole online/multiplayer thing. Mass Effect 3 was were I really started and it was immensely enjoyable to play with others and scream for help at each other, be told to make sandwiches mid shoot-out or be scolded for using my medpac when apparently a squad mate was mere millimetres away. I havenít played the multiplayer in a while but I do have an urge to hook up to it again and I do miss playing with various people.

Swapping or gifting DLC codes and nick nacks that were associated with the game was also something that was cool to be able to do (which was something not exclusive to Mass Effect 3, but to various gaming related things in the past 12 months).

So all in all, what I think this blog post is trying to say is that, the feels of bro-dom and camaraderie despite whatever came before or after and the opinions of the Mass Effect game itself, paired with the ability of others to put up with my moaning culminated in a truly appreciated fun, smile inducing gaming moment for me. THE GAMING MOMENT OF 2012!

p.s Ė in general the best gaming moment 2012 was the basic meeting of everyone via the internet or in person thanks to Destructoid. Ok thatís not a gaming moment, itís a serious or regular cool moment, but Iím taking this chance to air some feels and I do no regret joining Dtoid at all and I do not regret having met a single humanoid on the forums or in person (usually coercing them into drunken dancing in my house or at the local) and hope to meet or re-meet many more in the new year!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Ya gobshites ;)

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