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1. I hate coins.

Especially if they're lying about, bare brash and bold. I do not understand how anyone can live their lives, just having coins on their desk. They're an abomination and so are you for scattering them about. Put them in your damn purse!

2. If I'm hosting something, I barely sit down. 

I'm constantly topping drinks, cleaning up, ensuring peoples bums are comfy, but then eventually I stop being a Cylon.

3. I have not bought 72% of the games I own on Steam. 

They're gifts I've received randomly from kind, batshit people. I also have bought myself more Steam games for other people, than I have myself. I hate buying myself Steam games it would seem.

4. I love underdogs. 

Why do you think I root for Yamcha so much? Maybe I feel like an underdog too sometimes, who knows. But I usually prefer to go for the quiet, downtrodden upon over the boisterous, predictables.

5. I am still trying to find a good balance 

Between being the "give people a chance" Glowbear I've always been and the recent "Stop taking crap from people" coont, Glowbear. I find straying too far left or right of that swing makes me uneasy and hopefully I can nail the balance that I am happy with soon.

6. I have strange gaming patterns.

I can go hard at it for a while and then have lulls. I can play regular bouts or I can do this weird thing, where I play itty bitty sections, like 10 mins of games and leave it a while. In some cases that's how I'll start off and then eventually get stuck in proper and wrap it up in a day or two. That's what happened with Metro 2033 for example.

7. A KOTOR self surprise

I only realised recently, aside from loving Knights of the Old Republic based on a gaming perspective, I think it resonates with me and my own story in certain ways. Or how I feel. The linked scene especially.

8. I don't hate anybody. 

I'm surprised, you'd think at least one. But nope. I'm brokened.

9. I would be incredibly content if I was a published, 'good' author. 

That's the dream, that'd be nice. I wrote a book when I was 6 that was published, nothing major, but I was so proud. I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever. One of the stories included the tale of a cat that got lost, but found it's way home itself. The cat was very non-nonchalant in the story, kinda like "um humans, must you be so dramatic I was just visiting some hoes".

10. I keep flipping on devotion to gaming as a job

In whatever sense of the word. I suppose when I do take breaks, it's because I get deflated by numerous occurrences that happened within the gaming industry, just how clique'd the whole thing is and that companies, editorials and alike that I have given my time too (for free) have been very lacklustre is reciprocating support, even in the form of basic tweets. Kinda makes you not want to bother helping anyone, least in that area. But there's also a few people I stay in continuous, fruitful contact with and have been super cool and professional (primarily Germans), though oddly the UK lot are kinda meh.

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