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I'm a bear who would steal your grandmothers teeth just to have a Knights of the Old Republic 3 game made.

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Given that I am not employed by Destructoid, there should be no conflict in this particular piece. I am also not paid by or engage in lude acts with Threaks. Though I do engage in raunchy times with German beer. 

The year has gone by quite quickly, as many before have, and while many people are writing about their favourite games or what they are thankful for, I'd like to take this chance to combined the two and give a shout out to a wonderful indie gaming company based in Hamburg, called Threaks.

The guys at Threaks created a video game called Beatbuddy and it's a game that I still play on PC and on iOs. I don't just play the game because it's fun, because I have had extremely pleasurable memories of my interaction with the team behind it when I did press related work for them, but because it's one of the things that helps get through a rather long and depressing commute 5 days a week, to and from work. 

I have helped out or worked for a few game related companies and to be honest the only ones that keep in touch and show actual appreciation, instead of just cutting ties despite you helping to promote their game, are these guys. I was part of the PR team for Maia and spent a lot of time reaching out, sending codes and press releases to various companies. My thanks for this was nothing and then for some reason to be unfollowed by the creator of the game. This is just one example. My point with this is that the gaming industry can be quite a tight clique'd one but only for a few people. It's not that open to letting new people in, without almost ensuring they know there's a class distinction. I've met a lot of lovely people, but I've also been met with a pretentiousness that has no place existing.

The guys at Threaks, are humble, creative, friendly and are one of the reasons that I want to maintain and evolve in larger strides within the gaming industry, because that honesty and openess to engage and offer credit where it's due, it sorely needed. Especially these days when there's so much drama running rampant. This is also something that could be remember by communities.

So thank you Threaks, thank you Germany, thank you Opium, thank you to the friendly Dtoid folk I know and thank you to the people within the gaming industry in the UK who can even spare a moment to say hi and remember we all started somewhere and they all climbed the ladder with the help of other people.

Have a good Christmas and New Year everyone and if you want, check out Beatbuddy, the game or the awesome soundtrack. It made me take a few moments to enjoy a game, bop my shoulders, when some days, lots really, were grey.

Take one!

iOs Review:

Link to the Beatbuddy App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beatbuddy-hd/id774751518?ls=1&mt=8

Link to Beatbuddy on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/231040/ 

If anyone would like a promo code for the iOs version, I have a couple so hit me a DM over at my Twitter @tilderasgrave

Well hello.

We did Friday Night Frights last week and it was a really enjoyable experience. The film chosen was Creepshow (what a load of shit that was...with a surprising cast). This week we want to pick something that ups the anty a bit and go for proper spooky. Or as chav Panza would say "iz propah shitpants m8".

As always place your prefered time (including zone so we can work that shizzle out) and any suggestions for the film. We pretty much decide the actual film at the last minute, but give you time to 'acquire it'.

Don't forget your skype as well!

Look forward to seeing more people join in.

8:01 AM on 10.24.2014

Happy Friday everyone. Tonight I'm hosting an FNF with a twist. We're gathering together via Skype at 7pm GMT (to kick off, but won't start watching until everyone who's in, is in) to watch a spooky film, as Halloween is upon us.


Here's a link to the forum thread about it and tonight we've decided to watch Creepshow. If you'd like to join in feel free. Shoot me a message here/forums or on my Twitter for the Skype group chat.

In the meantime if you want to spend your Friday enjoying your own company but also listen to something spooky, don't forget that last Halloween some beloved Dtoiders got together for CreepyCastToid

Maybe it's a cheat, but my contribution to the Halloween Bloggers Wanted is one that I will be listening to again on the actual date. It's my favourite gaming/halloween related memory at the present time of existence.

It reminds me that there are members here who make an effort, join in and help to make some special happen. Also that everyone has quite erotic voices, especially when reading spooky stories. It's a unique combo...





Before the panties get twisted, I am not an advocate of either side of this gamer gate thing, but sometimes you gotta rant.

"Check your privilidge"
If you're white and male, automatically you are oveflowing in an abundance of privilege. Because someone else said so, mkay. If you also happen to be straight, the worst of all orientations clearly, then the general consensus is you have never suffered any trauma in your life and if you have, it's unlikely to compare to trauma suffered by anyone that does not identify as you. Or you know look like you. Ya pasty mick fuck.

The problem with this is very simple, you don't need me to spell it out. Every damn person matters, everyone should be heard and no one suffering should ever be demeaned. Everyone is someones child. If your child was bullied because they were gay, if they were in agony because they didn't feel they were in the right body and if they were dismissed because they tick the "default privilege" boxes, how would you feel?

"I'm *insert recent sexual/gender orietantion that never existed before the last couple of years and probably wouldn't if the internet didn't exist*"

I'm funny about my own sexual orientation, mainly because none of the mainstream ones really apply to me. I like tits and hips, but I don't really enjoy the gay 'scene', because all I've ever been exposed to was the negative side. This is a personal opinion based on relationships and nothing to do with political stances. Anyway, just a brief disclaimer before someone says "who are you to speak, you're just a bear". You don't know what/who I am, so never assume.

It's not exactly the claiming you're a hypersexual, shoelace queer avodcao, so much as that you assume eveyrone else should telepathically be aware of this and if they say "excuse me m'aam" when addressing you in public, because maybe you dropped something or maybe they need to get by you, that you lose your shit, log in to tumblr and start ranting about the oppresssive world.

"I was raped by ..."
Anything that is not actually rape. In an episode of Transparent, a feminist lecturer says that an exclamation mark ! is seen as a masculine and by existing is a form of rape against the feminine.

Please do shut up with your stupid stupid noise.

Claiming that you are being raped daily by even the existence of white CIS males, grammar rules or a mascara pen on a shelf, because it represents phallic dominnance is not only moronic, but completely dismissive and insulting to anyone on this planet who has been raped or suffered sexual/abusive trauma.


No, calm yourself before you pass out, I don't just mean this word.

People that are upset when strangers or anyone label them on their behalf, then doing so in return are hypocritcial and childish. If a man says he's a man, if a woman says she's a woman, she does not need to include CIS in a disclaimer if they do not wish, for your benefit. Plus I can't look at that word without thinking of cysts, which ain't nobody got time for. But I don't just mean CIS, obviously not and I understand what it means, in the correct, non-aggressive context, but the general notion that you alone have the right to choose what you are is fine. I do it, other people do it.

But if you can dish it, you may as well take it, because textual/verbally assaulting someone else and telling them what they are, completely eradicates any sympathy you are owed and the basic point you tried to get across


In what world do we live in, where it is not common knowledge and common sentiment, that anyone is susceptible to abuse and everyone has the same rights (well they should, but the world we live in ya know)? I see many people on Twitter alone, that hark of the obscenity of segregation, yet they themselves are the most prominent advocators via self segregation. Because if you don't stand out, if you're not in your own bubble, then you won't get as much attention, you're not as special and you can't play that triumph victimising card, which many people do like to play.

If we look at the gaming industry alone, we know that there is corruption and sexism. If we make our eyes less Brock-like, we know that the same is said of so many other industries in the world. Gaming is no different, the shock factor shouldn't be so damn high. Bigotry is rampant, sexism is tragically alive and well and we should not put up with it, but so far the efforts made, the howls screamed have no bettered that for anyone.

We spend so much time catergoirising and arguing over that, the point is missed and lost. It's like when you sit down and make a colour coded chart of when you're going to study before exams and you don't really follow it. You spent more time with your highlighter and writing headers in as nice a pensmanship as possible, than you did studying and improving your chances of succeeding. It's the same with the methods that have been going on currently.

"We are warriors, we are soldiers"

Show me your scars. Show me your wounds. Show me anything that validates using that terminglogy as you sit in front of your laptop, with your latest iphone and argue online. Giving yourself a title that is something someone else actually is, literally and deserves, when you do not, is disrespectful and arrogant.

"If you're not with us you're against us"
Am I? ...and? .....that it? Ok good, have a nice day.

It doesn't.....moving on!


Donkey Kong

DK's elbow double as a shag. And by shag I don't mean what you think I mean, dirty birdies. His fluffy, carpet like fur covers all of his body, but excentuates his strong elbows, in a way that would make a brony convert.


Most would say "Hey Glowbear, Rayman doesn't even harm arms, let alone elbows" - but I say to you, who has the right to judge what an elbow is. If you're white and hetreosexual then I don't want to hear you dismiss this man of ray's game-given right to be acknowledged as an elbow wielder. Seriously get a grip.


Last year, scandal ripped the nations of the earth when it was revealed that Worms, are actually elbows. This makes absolute sense if you think about it, especially in relation to the strength and angling needed to hurl bombs and various other weapons. Without elbows, there can be no victory.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy's elbows deserve a spot on this list, because they are vital to his capacity to wield a massive fucking drill and hoist it up and down as it completel annihiliates anyone that he shakes hands with.


Need I say more?


I'm frothing up here.


Awful Gaming Fanfiction #5 Half Life Consequences