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Glitchmaster8 avatar 8:22 AM on 12.02.2011  (server time)
My extremely late intro.

I was supposed to do this early on when I made my account on this site but procrastination had caught me in its grasp. I guess I'll start at the beginning.

They call me Glitchmaster8, sometimes just Glitchmaster although it would seem that several sites already have such a Glitchmaster and thus have forced me to add the 8 when necessary.

For as long as I can remember I have been gaming, conquering numerous foes and saving various people and places. The first games I was introduced to were Super Mario Bros(series), Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, and hilariously Wolfenstein 3D as well. I won't bore you with the rest of the minor details because it can all be seen on my page. Those games are the ones which shaped what I play today. Wolfenstein gave me a taste of virtual murder and was fun enough to keep my very young attention. It probably is what got me interested in shooters to begin with. Following that would the platformers like Mario or Donkey Kong. Without those I would probably would have never cared as much for the rest of Nintendo's lineup throughout my youth. Metroid is perhaps the most influential game I had played back then. Part shooter, part sidescroller, part platformer, all epic. Metroid is one of the few series to have truly caught my interest for so long. The gameplay was always so focused and smooth, I enjoyed it nonstop. Even now I still play Zero Mission occasionally because it plays awesomely. I have always preferred games that had solid base mechanics like physics and controls. Good graphical styles have more sway with me than photorealism and I don't care for useless or wasted gameplay elements. In the end I would rather have quality than quantity.

I joined Destructoid a few years ago in order to see how cool it was. I was surprised to find an amazing community filled with people who love video games as much as I do. This site was different from the rest. The people seemed to genuinely care about what they were doing. So I stuck around and watched the site, commenting when I had something to say that was worth saying and trying to gauge the value of posting a few blogs here. Since then I have yet to post an actual blog and not just comments. I intend to blog in the near future, usually about making games better and how to improve some concepts. This is the first step on that route so here is my introduction. Not much more to say now I guess. Goodbye fellow Dtoiders, blog you soon.

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