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GladChimer avatar 1:59 PM on 07.18.2013  (server time)
My Newfound Love for Indie Games

While it may sound harsh, or just very ignorant, I have been staying away from indie games since I started playing video games on consoles instead of PC a few years ago (because of me moving to the States and leaving behind my PC and most of my PAL consoles). 

It was not because I believed that there was something inherently wrong with Indie Games, but instead it was me, again ignorantly, thinking that most of them would be small and short experiences for about 10-15 dollars. Because of that, I would instead take that money and order a used game off of Amazon that I might have missed the first time around.

Lately, however, I have developed a lack of enthusiasm for video games; at least the 'big ones'. I have never been too much into AAA games because of their tendency to go all cinematic Hollywood style instead of giving me a playground to play in and the freedom to create my own fun experience just like I did back when I had the original Playstation, so I have been buying games that, I suppose, are considered... Single-A Games?

I am getting off-topic again, excuse me. What I was getting at is that that lack of enthusiasm that I mentioned earlier came from the fact that there was (or rather, 'is') absolutely no Single A or Triple A or whatever-the-heck-normal-Console-Game that I am excited about neither this generation nor the next. Even more disturbing is the fact that there are not even games from the past few years that I want to play anymore, there is absolutely nothing that interests me.

Luckily, I just casually checked back on my GoG account (which I haven't been using since my older Dell laptop overheated and died died, and I switched to a Macbook) and looked at a game that I owned and worked on Mac. The only one available was FTL, a game I never spend too much time with, but now absolutely adore.

I noticed just how wonderful that game was. It reminded me of how I only played Flash games and freeware games back in the early 2000s when I beat the last Playstation game that my parents bought me and didn't have anything else to play. It is joyful and it does make me nostalgic, but its not just that; I am having legitimate fun with FTL (and the other games I picked up since then). 

It is incredible how well made and interesting most of these games are, even if they are just plattformers. FTL is engrossing, Mutant Mudds is fantastic, Mighty Switch Force is wonderful and Deponia (which I am still not sure whether or not it is an actual Indie game) is laugh-out-loud funny. I am having an absolutely fantastic time and I cannot insult myself enough for not having indulged myself in these games more. I have been ignoring the iOS market, the PSN and XBLA games, the E-Shop games and etc. even though there are so many Indie Games that are, apparently, all I wanted from an average game. Colorful graphics, an optimistic attitude and, most importantly, very fun.

I think that every entertainment requires you to be very open-minded, because the things you think you might like are often not the things that are actually enjoyable to you, it seems, but instead just cater to the social group that you might have mentally declared yourself to be a part of. I know that this is a very easy thing to figure out and just know, but I have seriously forgotten about it and have been rather childish in my selection of video games, books and movies. I am missing out on so much fun and so many experiences just because I was afraid that a 10 dollar game might be 'too short', which was not even true.

If you are like me and have the problem of not being able to truly enjoy some of the things you do, you should try and look around, even at the things that you may have put on your /ignore list, because there really is a lot of stuff out there.

With that said, is there any Indie Game or Freeware or anything that people might recommend to me? Just random titles that you have enjoyed?

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