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In this episode Dan discusses the PSP2/NGP and compares it to the 3DS on hardware, library, and strategy.

Dan and Bob from GigaBoots.com dive into the extremely metaphor ridden demo for Catherine on the PS3. The demo is Japanese so thank God there is some english commentary on this because otherwise you’d be just as lost as they were.

After days and days of looking through black books of magic, historical books and other ridiculous archaic sources of information, we here at GigaBoots.com present to you fine people what is hands-down the definitive dissection of the Uncharted 3 trailer.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Yet another week...we here at GigaBoots plunge deeper into to the bullshit that is the DOS catalogue of games. This week we cover Stellar 7 (omfg wtf) and Anvil of Dawn. Enjoy some of this weird antiquate odd stuff.

Anvil of Dawn (First-person dungeon explorer that...wtf is that wizard holding?)

Stellar 7 (with weird-grin Mc Cobra-wannabe)

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Death Animations, they're how you know you died! This is a video list of the Top 8 death animations in all of video game history's death animations by GigaBoots.

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So we did a QP of SpellJammer for DOS and sweet god is this game hilariously bad. Photos of people edited into the game in terrible color and other hilarious offenses make this Quick Play a very enjoyable one.

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