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Time to rant about the performance delta between PS4 and XB1, YouTube and how it makes everything look shitty, and how much wider the difference between consoles will become going forward.

DF's Analysis of Battlefield 4 on PS4, XBone, and PC

Animated PNGs (page 2 has great ones)

10:51 PM on 10.04.2013

Dan & Bob from GigaBoots.com show off the preview build of Freedom Planet for PC. It's a fast-paced anime style mascot platformer game that builds on the foundation of games like Sonic a great deal.

For more info about Freedom Planet go check out the site: http://freedomplanet.galaxytrail.com/

This is a summary of the Pre-TGS PlayStation Conference. News abridged, trailer reels shown in their entirety.

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Dan does a technical and logistical teardown of the possible implementations of Microsoft's cloud for the Xbox One.

Dan & Bob break down the Top 8 moments in Castlevania in this Top 8 Castlevania Moments video.

Time bunnies, cat curses, and power suits! Metroidvania fun time for all!

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