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Red Faction Guerrilla Impressions

(originally posted on Mediawhorenetwork) One of my first posts on MWN was an impressions post for the Red Faction: Guerrilla beta that was taking place at the time. At the time I thought It had potential but it still had a ...


Those About To Die: Ganandos and Manjini

Oh Ganandos, we could have been friends. This all started with a nice drive out in the country to see your wonderful castle. I was never here to save the President's Daughter like you thought I was. And when I came into one ...


Scumbag Jim Sterling Joins The Daily Mail Editorial Team

So I was checking my feeds this morning when I came across this Daily Mail article. Now I only have a Daily Mail feed because they make me laugh but I was shocked to find who we thought was our friend, Jim Sterling, writing for them, claiming that teenagers say that violent video games make them murderers. We trusted you Sterling! (the evidence)


My Evil Doppelganger Reveals Himself

Uncanny no? This is one of the possibly fathers of the kid that came from the 15 year old whore that the British media has been wanking over recently. As Bunnyrabbit2 quite right pointed out, one of these fathers looks a lot...


Not So Turning Point Rig: 2009 Edition

Originally posted at http://www.mediawhorenetwork.com/2009/01/obligotary-gaming-brothel- gibbo/ I meant to get this done by the end of last year but certain events which I won't go into detail about, prevented me from doing...


Destructoid: Year One not by Frank Miller

It was December 31st 2007 when I first visited Destructoid and decided to sign up. Too be honest I don't really remember alot of the occasion; I mean it wasn't exactly something I thought would change my life as drastically ...


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