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You might remember that this time last year I made a blog telling you 5 things that you could do if you weren't at PAX. Well, PAX 2009 has just kicked off and once again there are some of us not there, so that means that it's time for more alternatives, but this time we're cranking it up all the way to 6!

1.Cry again

Sure, it was on the last year's list, but SHIT FUCKING SUCKS. Not only are more people than ever going this year, but once again we get not just the fact that everyone is having a merry old time at PAX, but even after PAX we'll get the chatter in IRC and the clusterfuck of emotional PAX related cblogs. If that's not a reason to cry, then I don't know what is.

2.Join FOP aka Friends of the PAXLess

I can't help you with translating the foppish found throughout the call to arms but hey, if they're there for PAXless people then that's fine by me. I think.

3.Play some videogames!

Well this is a site based around videogames. I'm not going to suggest you start knitting or something am I? The brilliant Batman: Arkham Asylum came out recently for example and even if you can't afford to even pay for your internet (see: Wilbo), then you should have a healthy amount of games that you can replay. I'd say join in on FNF, but FNF will be a ghost town this week I'm afraid to say.

4.Come in IRC and be bitter and jaded

Yesterday, PAX went from a Karma of around 90 to an eventual karma of -130. That is the power of the anti-PAX pillow fortress in IRC. Thanks to Bloodylip, we also have to the power to kick anyone in PAX who even dares to try and come and rub our faces in it over at IRC. Unless Aerox is online, in which case we're fucked. Don't tell the people that though, it would bring down their morale.

5.(UK special) Go Watch District 9

It finally came out here today and I heard it's a pretty cool guy. Hell, you Americans could even go watch it again if you so wish.

6.Twiddle your thumbs

Mmm, sexy.

Now who said PAX weekend would be a drag?

Bonus no7. TITS!

I heard they get you hits.

P.S In before fapping.

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