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Ghostshell's blog

8:16 PM on 07.15.2008

E3: The winner is?

Now before I start this blog lets be honest Nintendo SUCKED! SONY SUCKED and SO DID MICROSOFT!

I'm just going to see which company sucked the worse!

*I own all 3 consoles and I try to love them all equally*


There's not much to say . . . Animal crossing is not hardcore!! I love casual games when done right but lets be honest. Animal crossing? You might of well of announced a new Wii sports oh yeah wait? lol . . . . But I must say thank you for MADWORLD which will give me a reason to use my wii again.


More promises and more teaser trailers not a good job. We all know that Mag, DC online, and God of War wont be out until late 09 maybe early 10.

What the Hell was up with all this PS2 talk come on were on the next generation now lets be honest SONY! But I have to be honest one thing sony did is make me look forward to THIS year (Resistence 2 and Little Big Planet) and NEXT year for the PS3! Come on Next year we get Killzone, inFamous (which is looking really good), Maybe God of War and MAG. Sony gave me a glimpse to what I'm going to be playing next year which i give them HUGE kudos for!

I know this may sound weird but I'm REALLY STOKED for HOME I think that home is going to be one of those things that will set SONY apart! Even though they keep on delaying it at least it shows that there putting in the TIME and EFFORT to make it great! I also think that sony giving us a video service is cool. Sony is finally starting to catch up with Microsoft and Live and one thing that may push sony above them is HOME.


I loved the beginning! Come on lets be honest GEARS OF WAR 2 is going to be awesome!!

But besides GEARS OF WAR 2 I was let down Casual . . . Casual. Now let me be clear I am not bashing Microsoft because they are going casual! I'M BASHING MICROSOFT BECAUSE THEY WENT CASUAL IN A COMPLETELY UNORIGINAL WAY!

If anybody can recall Mr Iwata talking about how when there is a great idea people try to imitiate! If they would of come up with something very original it would of been very cool but they didn't.

That's exactly what Microsoft is doing and there not even doing it that great! There avatars are a mix between A fake Home and a Mii! I still better be able to use my Gamerpics THAT I PAID FOR!

But. . . They did show off a HUGE blow to Sony. FFXIII now what i dont get is why PS3 fanboys are sh*ting there pants look your still going to get versus exclusively. Even though its still a huge blow I mean when MGS4 came out (When I bought my PS3) I finally had a reason to get one. So Sony is going to have to work hard hopefully they still have Tekken if that ever comes out!

While I love that Final Fantasy will come out on the 360 and PS3 it makes me kind of sad because instead of Final Fantasy taking advantage of the Blu-ray player, Harddrive, Cell Processor. Now it may not be the best it could of been because they have to think about 360 owners in the process! But oh well I'm sure the game will be great!

Winner: SONY

To be honest the Winner for me is Sony, while they didn't release anything very new or stunning! They were the most consistent there was no very low point like Microsoft's or Nintendo. While MAG may not be as huge as Final Fantasy in my opinion if MAG works the way Zipper wants it to its going to be HUGE!   read

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