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Ghost Maker avatar 11:32 AM on 04.08.2010  (server time)
My Way of Saying Hi

Ok so I guess I should explain who it is that I am as this is my attempt at a (hopefully decent) intro post. Avid gamer (maybe stating the obvious) as long as I can remember gaming with the likes of the original Nintendo back when the pursuit of gaming was without fanboys and you could use pixels to learn how to count to 100... or if you had a small attention span 25. My 'avatar' name is the title of a Gaunt's Ghost novel by Dan Abnett (warhammer 40K and definitely recommend the series) and well... I think it sounds bad ass.

Anyway, real name is Scott and I am an avid reader of Destructoid and have been for a couple years now, I was originally introduced to the site by a guy named Funktastic (apparently he's a big deal round here) back when I was rocking out first year university. He and I were roommates and even though he was from a different province I saw past that to the fact that he was Asian and saw past that to the fact that he knows his way around the kitchen... he can steam a good ham let me tell you (Simpsons reference anyone?). Anyway it was my first experience talking to a fellow enthusiast about gaming (it wasnít exactly shunned per say back when I was in high school, but I mean I was already different enough ... I could actually DO math... but it was still seen as a odd past time to say the least) and so openly talking about gaming with someone else was so cool. We talked of many things and he was at a loss for words that I had yet to play DoTA... yelling ensued and when the dust settled I was downloading (also a new experience as I had dial-up at home and didnít even know the internet COULD be this fast!!) the patch to play this supposed best thing since sliced bread.

Anyway I currently play games on both the PS3 and the 360 but Iíll always hold the playstation brand closer to my heart (ZOMG bias!). Why... well the memories from my all time favourite games...

1. Metal Gear Solid (seriously will RAGE!!! If you hate on this game)
2. Final Fantasy X
3. Legend of Dragoon (should SOOO be up on the PSN under classics)
4. Final Fantasy IX
5. Fallout 3
6. Mass Effect
7. God of War
8. Dawn of War II
9. Portal (seriously mental but AWESOME)
10. Metal Gear Solid 4 (Brilliant conclusion to the series)

As far as other interests go itís kind of a mixed bag really. I do play a lot of (pretty much any) sports that can be done in some form of pick up mode. As a true amateur athlete Iíve played Tim bits hockey, Tim bits soccer, Tim bits baseball, and even golf. As far as sports watching goes Iím a Leafs fan (hurray for missing the playoffs 5 straight) and have been that way for a while. Theyíre original 6 and Doug Gilmour was as awesome and classy as Steve Yzerman when I was growing up. In soccer Iíve got Manchester united as my main team (Giggs!) although theyíve had a recent spell of disappointment but GLORY GLORY! But as far as baseball and golf I just canít bring myself to watch it since it just seems so dry (we paid for BLOOOOD!! [Abe Simpson as a kids hockey game]). I also read quite a bit with the Warhammer 40K at the forefront, anything by the late Michael Crichton , Dragonlance and way back in the day the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. As for TV its the Simpsons, south park, and House rounding off the top three for the slap stick humour. And although I have OTHER tastes in music... I like Nickelback... there I said it ... possible exile and shame... but I thought they were good (also added to me being weird in high school too I suppose O_o )

And I know itís a shameless plug but the dtoid community is just so awesome... from the blatantly sarcastic Sterling to the confused-looking HAWP cast itís just so refreshing. I mean all the latest gaming information and personal stories/blogs that really provide legitimate and insightful opinions in a world where videogames are responsible for EVIL and where fanboyism has claimed the life of many a site. Destructoid is still a shining example of how to be awesome. And I mean COME ON where else will you find the BEST. PAPERCRAFT. SUBJECT. EVAR!!!

(Its actually made from regular ole printer paper no foolin)

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