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11:47 PM on 06.06.2013

My Thoughts On The Bourne Conspiracy (PS3)

I have a lot to say for a game that wasn't very good. Probably just because I'm a super huge fan of the movies.

I'm glad they didn't use Matt Damon's likeness for the game. Same goes for most characters in the story. I did think it was funny that a couple of the assets did have their likeness put in tho. I'm not glad for anything other than the fact that Matt Damon simply acted as the character, but if I were to read the book I doubt he's who I would picture, that's all, no biggy.

Cinematic But Bland Combat

The combat is a pretty even mix between melee and shooting. There was far too much shooting, I think the game should have been more stealth and melee based. I thought the controls were pretty decent for both which works out well because the gameplay is pretty bland. There were some super awesome moves though. You have a Take Down meter that builds up as you strike and defeat enemies. It builds up faster from headshots or silent take downs. The meter builds up pretty quickly so it allows you to do super badass fancy Take Downs pretty often.

The Take Down meter is capable of holding three charges. You press your take down button and you instantly defeat your opponent with a cinematic of badassery. If you have two to three charges up you can use that same single button press to take down two to three enemies at one time. During this cinematic you simply hit a quick time event button per enemy. If you miss the button you just don't pull off the chain take downs but you do keep the meter charged if I remember right.

The Take Downs are good for both melee combat and shooting combat so as long as you have charges you will see a cool cinematic for either form of combat. They're pretty cool and show off Bourne's awesomeness. It's all very cinematic.

It's Too Simplistic

The combat is really simplistic. Square to light attack, Triangle to strong attack, X to block and circle to use your Take Down. The thing about the melee combat is that you basically only have four combination attacks in total. Since at least half of the combat in the game is melee it's pretty freakin dumb. But that's where Take Downs saved it for me, thankfully the meter builds up pretty quickly. The combat is far too simple but at least it was super cool looking and quite entertaining. It also plays out like a boxing match, you don't really do much moving around.

A major problem with the melee combat was also that if you're under gunfire and you get close to an enemy, you automatically enter melee combat. So here you are entering melee combat with one dude while five others are shooting at you and you die and have to restart. Thankfully if you had a Take Down charged up you can waste it quickly on that guy and get your gun back out and back under cover.

The shooting was ok, you have to take your time with it, enemies shoot you down quickly and when you shoot them it doesn't pause them for a second. They run around as if they don't even know a bullet hit them, it's actually kind of funny but also super annoying. Just take your time tho and keep behind cover and it goes pretty easy. The shooting scenes are definitely not meant to be fast paced. You can move around as you get used to it but there's always going to be an enemy shooting you in the face so cover is basically necessary.

Small combat notes: -It has a shoulder cam switch, that makes me yay. -It's hilarious to watch enemies flail their arms up in the air and continue to fire as they fall down dead. -The action is violent but there's no gore.

Tanks and Helicopters Oh My!

You do "fight" a tank and helicopter boss during the game. The tank has these very obvious targets to shoot at that make it explode. You use explosions to distract the helicopter. Some of the stuff you do is pretty cool but it's just not good gameplay. There's a lot of stuff you do as Bourne in the game that I didn't remember being in the movies. lol Fighting a tank? What? But the scene itself was cool. Everything plays out like it's a movie and it looks good. It's just not actually exciting. I had just assumed these parts were from the book but I have no idea.

Driving In Circles!

I also thought the driving controls were also pretty decent. They weren't perfect, it's no racing game, but they were smooth and worked great for what you needed. I really liked the driving scene's. They were kinda dumb, I mean the surroundings are basically the same as you circle the same small block over and over while pretending to lose the cops. I say "pretending" because it was insanely easy. Just don't try to race. lol I thought the camera work was nice and the feeling of speed was pretty good, flat but good. If I remember right there was only one driving scene, but just like in the movies, it was long. haha

Dated But Decent Graphics

I thought it was very pretty! It's obviously dated but a lot of it still looks really good. Character models aren't so great and you do run into the same enemies but that doesn't really bother me too much in a video game, I grew up with fighting the same enemy over and over. The backdrops were pretty nice.

The Confusing Story

Jason Bourne is a freakin badass, and you get to control him. The uncool thing is that the game assume's you are already a fan of the series. If someone that hasn't watched the movies or read the books played the game, they'd probably have no clue what is going on. I love mysterious characters but I would probably be pretty pissed at the game if I wasn't already a huge fan of the movies. I suppose I shouldn't be too judgemental about that, I mean it is based off of the movies.

Initially while playing through the game I thought they were adding some really cool scenes that were in the books but not in the movie. So I was pretty happy about that! The game is supposed to span over the movie trilogy or so it says. It's possible that I just don't remember some parts through the trilogy but as far as I could tell the game only plays through part 1. Even the ending of the game is the exact same copy of part 1. I tried to see if maybe each part of the movie played separately at the title screen once you finished one but could not find anything on it. As far as I can tell it's just over. 

I looked up the Wiki for it and even that says "it covers mostly just the first movie" basically. /sigh

Final Thoughts

If you're a huge fan of the movies like I am then I think it's worth at least a rental. It is insanely disappointing that it doesn't actually span the trilogy but it was pretty cool to play as the Bourne.

Too much info on this one? Please let me know!   read

8:24 AM on 06.05.2013

My Thoughts On Far Cry 3 (PC)

I felt there was a nice experience of playing this kid who starts off scared, has no idea what is going on but is forced into a situation that makes him either decide to be a stronger person and fight back or run like hell. Of course being the protagonist he decides to be a super badass.

The amount of content in the game is impressive. I was amazed at how much stuff in the game there was that I actually wanted to do. I also never felt forced into it, but I know other gamers did.

Missions A-Plenty

You have hunting missions where you're assigned to kill specific rare animals with a specific weapon. The rare animals are just alternate's of the normal ones you run across on the island but for that specific mission they have different colors or traits for you to hunt. I thought it was pretty neat. In one case one of the animals I had to hunt simply had one horn instead of two, that made me laugh. You're rewarded with special skins of the rare animal that you need in order to craft the highest quality of your upgrade-able items.

Besides hunting missions there are outposts full of bad dudes that you can either go gunning in for or kill silently and take it over. The outposts become your rebel friends base's making it also yours where you can resupply on ammo, sell your loots, buy new weapons and even open new missions to perform. There are also stealth kill man-hunt missions and all mission types are plentiful!

Crafting System

I really liked the crafting system because I didn't feel like it was forced on me. Sure, it's definitely convenient and there are a couple things you'll want right away like a bigger wallet and inventory space but it's completely unnecessary, leaving it wide open for you to do at any time. Of course the further you get in the game the more you're gonna want to start upgrading your equipment through the crafting system. The progression of the game felt natural to me.

You make bigger wallets to carry more money, slings to carry more weapons on your body. You can only carry one gun at a time when you first start out. There's several things to upgrade, but honestly, I didn't feel a huge need to get most of them right away. Guns are plentiful from all the bad guys you kill, so I didn't care about having the ability to carry four guns on me at one time. You also need to make bags in order to carry more items. All of these upgrades you craft are made with animal skins so you have to go hunting. I haven't hunted sharks in the game in a long time, but that was pretty freakin' cool!

So Big You Get Lost

Due to the island being so huge and there being so many things to do I actually got lost in it and I really enjoyed it. The setting is what made it perfect. An island full of beautiful scenery that always rewarded exploration. If there weren't so many different outposts of enemies, so many wild animals to come across, caves, radio towers to climb, it would have been boring.

To top all that off there's treasures to find, mysterious letters (that were really cool!) and relics spread out all over the place. Just having an island that is pretty wouldn't have kept me entertained without the amount of content it offers. There was always something to do, and I didn't have to if I didn't want to. That actually encouraged me to do random things. I love a few different open world games, but this one is definitely my favorite when it comes to the openness itself.

Do Anything Just Because You Feel Like It

I found myself just going for a joy ride on jet ski's and boats and taking gliders for a fly just because it was really freakin' cool. That's not usually something I care to do in a game, but this one just made it so much more fun. Gorgeous scenery and an abundant amount of optional content made this a truly wonderful experience. The day and night cycle made it that much more amazing. Sunsets and rises are so beautiful, night sky's full of thousands of stars. It is glorious.

One of my favorite things about exploring was randomly coming across tigers and bears eating my enemies, it was quite entertaining. One time I was just driving along and got to watch a bear tear up three dudes.

I thought there was a nice amount of different enemy types. Of course you run into the same ones over and over, but it was some good fun. The big dudes with super heavy armor always gave me some entertainment and laughs. I loved throwing grenades at their feet because they were so slow. Stealth kills and chain kills, as usual, Ubisoft has their own style and flare. The action was really great.

I'm doing my best to keep this review short and it hasn't worked, lol. So i'm not going into anymore specifics on the combat, it kicks ass.

The Story

I have a bad memory and I took my time going through the game so I don't remember how the story played out exactly from start to finish. The only reason I rushed to beat it now was because Raptr was doing a giveaway sweepstakes thing for each specific game you beat on their list in the month of May. I probably would have put twenty more hours into this game before beating it if it wasn't for that. I have thirty-two wonderful hours invested into it. =p

What I do remember of the story is really freakin' good. There are very many emotional driven parts in it. It was really beautiful and the music really set a great tone for it. Also it gets really trippy sometimes. It is one dang cool, very interesting story.

Far Cry 3 is like putting the Tomb Raider reboot in an open world making it a much better game. I mean no offense by that, Tomb Raider blew my mind so when I started playing this game imagine how I felt! If you have experienced the new Tomb Raider and loved it as much as I did and you have not experienced Far Cry 3, trust me, you want to. Far Cry 3 is a masterpiece.


The graphics are absolutely gorgeous even on medium to high settings. I had to customize my settings up quite a bit. If you're interested, I took a bunch of screenshots throughout my adventure. =) My screenshots

Closing Thoughts

What I Hated was Completely Overshadowed By Greatness

Let me finish this off by saying what I hated about it, because of course there were some issues. I am not exaggerating when I say, pretty much every single staircase, every single platform that's barely a touch above the ground was impossible to just walk onto. I had to jump in order to move up staircases, jump to move onto platforms because I kept getting stuck on some invisible nonsense. It was maddening. Looting bodies was also sometimes a pain, standing right over them and having to adjust position to be able to loot them, even more annoying when their guns are in the way, which can end up in an accidental weapon swap.

The game was incredible though, it really was, the issues I had with it drove me up the wall, but the game is just so damn excellent. It would have been perfect if Ubisoft's testers hadn't failed them so miserably. It is shameful how much they let slip through.   read

7:23 PM on 06.02.2013

My Gaming Story: Instant Passion

I was five years old and my family was going to a friend of my moms house. As soon as we walked in the first thing I was looking at was the TV of course. I saw Spider-Man on it, it was a weird looking Spider-Man but I recognized him right away crawling up a building.
My moms friend was using an Atari joystick to control him. This was the first time I had ever seen a video game and I never wanted to see anything else again.

I was instantly hooked just by watching them play. Then I was allowed to play and if I remember right I think I cried when it was time to leave. I didn't want to stop! That's all I remember for sure. Not an annoying "no, mommy no!" kind of crying, just sadness of having to let it go. lol I can't even remember playing the game exactly, I just know that was the game that started it all for me. I do remember getting to the top of the building and I think I fought Electro, but my memory could be playing tricks on me.
I can't even say which Atari system it was, both Atari's were just "Atari" to me. Unlike Nintendo and Super Nintendo at least SNES had "Super" in the name to differentiate it. lol I never understood Atari's numbers back then.

My family has always been poor but my mom did her very best to get me all the games I wanted and game systems. For a very long time the best I could do was play at my friends houses which was perfectly fine with me, as long as I got to play!

Thirty years later it's still my deepest passion. I love video games. It's rare for me to play a game that I don't like, it does happen tho. I get in arguments often with people over the internet when they say "this game sucks" because I basically love them all. Of course there are issues: bugs, repetitive gameplay (some games more-so than others), all that kind of stuff but I still enjoy them for the simple entertainment value they offer. I like all games for all kinds of different reasons even when they are similar to each other.

I just love video games and I can't imagine ever not.   read

7:18 PM on 06.02.2013

Being A Cheap Gamer (New Game Sales, Not Used)

I love video games so much so that i want them all, seriously. I've been that way since I was five years old and played my first video game ever. I was hooked the second I saw a friend of my mom's playing one. They let me play and I didn't ever want to stop and I pretty much haven't since.

The Price Of Games

Video games are expensive tho, especially now. $40 was expensive, $60 is just insane, then you top that off with DLC and the normal push of Season Passes now that brings a game to a bare minimum of $90. Don't buy three to five games and you can buy a whole new console, that's pretty ridiculous and that's of course if you can even afford that $90 per game.

This brings up used games. I don't trust used games anymore, times are of course different and systems can read scratched up discs better than they could twenty years ago but I still don't trust buying them. That aside, even used game prices aren't that great. $35-$40 for a used game? You could wait a month for that same price of a new one on sale. Of course that's hard to do when you want to jump right into the game when the multiplayer is most popular. I tend to wait a year for games to drop in price to $20 and that really sucks if I want to play a multiplayer game. Some big name titles like CoD and Battlefield's multiplayer are still quite lively after a year but smaller titles don't last much longer than its first month which is very sad. I know that not all used games sell for $35-$40, let's not pretend that isn't the normal used price for newer games tho.


Move to PC gaming. New games tend to be about the same price as console games for PC but the sales are incredibly better, there's a huge noticeable difference. For several months now you can buy a game like Batman Arkham City for $7.50 on PC, not only that but you get the GOTY version which includes all DLC. This is something I didn't even know about until about two years ago. Mostly because i spent several years playing MMORPG's and not bothering with single player games as a result of having to choose one game but also because I loved playing them and love playing online.

The average price drop for console games is $20 which is fine, it's not bad or anything. It's rare for a console game to be spotted anywhere from $10-$15 so if you see a game you wanted that cheap you should probably pick it up.

PC game sales are all "new" games. Of course it isn't exactly the same, you can't get scratched discs or anything and there's no packaging required. Buying games anywhere from $2.50-$15 is amazing for sure, those prices are hard to pass up for any game.

Cheap Games Worth It?

A problem I have seen is that some gamers seem to think the low price of the game reflects the quality. For example the new Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. I've seen tons of posts by people asking why it's so cheap, insinuating that it's not worth it which blows my mind and i want to slap them. People are judging the "worth" of a game by its price? No wonder publishers have such an easy time pushing them around. If you are this type of gamer you have no idea what you're missing out on. You should be watching gameplay videos and judging it off that, or even play demo's. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to judge a game based on its price.

That said, I do seem to be different than most gamers, I love all games for different reasons, I just can't help it. I end up in arguments with people over almost every video game because I enjoy them all.

Empty Wallet

I don't want to be cheap, I have to be. I want every game tho so that makes it much harder to even be able to look at games on release day. I want to give these developers as much money as they deserve, I do, I just simply cant. So every time I see a game I want on some super cheap sale I snag it up and then I go send a message to them hoping they'll even have a chance to see it thanking them for allowing me to experience their incredible product for such a cheap price. And I do apologize that i couldn't spend more on it. Sometimes I get a response and it's nice, most times I don't which is fine.

Again, I'm not cheap because I want to be, I really am grateful every single time I see a $60 game go on sale for $5-$15 months later. Even tho these price drops are regular and expected I still appreciate them.

Game Choice

Could I choose to be more picky with my video games? It's possible but I am so incredibly passionate about the genre that it's not something I want to do. Could I buy used games? Yes. But since I follow sales relentlessly I usually don't see the point of buying used when I can just buy new for the same price and usually cheaper.

There have been a few times where I played a single game for three to six years, Diablo 1 and 2, Everquest, and of course World of Warcraft. It is possible to play a single game for so long but that doesn't stop me from wanting to play others also.

Thinking about it that way it suddenly became hard for me to make this argument. lol Yeah, I can pick one game and stick to it, but do I want to? Of course not. Also if i were to pick one game and stick to it that would just mean even at super cheap prices the devs wouldn't be getting my money for those other games. Do I think that's a valid argument? No, but I do think it's a valid point.

When I look at it from the point of view of the poor person that I am, sticking to one game makes sense and I have been happily forced through it. It's not like I hated playing Diablo 2 for five years or World of Warcraft for six years, I loved them. It's just that when I finally saw that I could get games at a much more affordable price it plopped me right back into the wider world of which I love, the world of gaming.   read

7:01 PM on 06.02.2013

My Thoughts On Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

It's Not Red Dead Redemption

I've seen a lot of people immediately assume it's similar to Red Dead Redemption simply because it is a western. It is nothing like RDR! It's a simple, extremely fun, arcade shooter. I think of it like those arcade games where you pick up and use the plastic zapper guns to play through, only in this one you control the movement of your character and don't use a plastic gun.

The story is really neat. I like that you get to see a new take on very famous cowboys like Billy The Kid, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and several others. You play the role of Silas Greaves who is telling his story to a group of people at a bar while playing poker or something. I can't say why exactly, but I felt pretty rewarded when I completed the game. It was a real decent story.

Story Telling... Differently

One thing that is mentioned in every review is how neat it is that while you play.  Sometimes one of his listeners will correct him during his tale and say, "didn't you say... instead" and you hear the narration while playing the game and he answers along with something like, "oh yeah" or corrects them back and the level you're in changes up a little or rewinds to replay it differently. It doesn't happen often enough to be distracting or ruin the effect, it's almost perfect, I would have preferred a little more environmental popups because they were cool. There is quite a bit of witty banter over the story changes, very entertaining.

Graphic Style

The graphics are one of my favorite things about it, it's my kind of style though. I'm an artist so of course I love this comic book style kind of stuff. The graphics won't impress you, it's not a technically impressive game, but the artwork is beautiful. While the graphics in general won't impress, there are some very nice lighting and water effects, not real looking water mind you, just very pretty, with some cool reflections. I love the flocks of birds you sometimes come across, they also look really great, just the animation as the flock moves through the air, I don't know... I liked it.


The gameplay is typical first person shooter stuff, but in a comic book looking style. You don't get very many gun choices, but I didn't have a problem with that, it was still really fun! There are a couple times you get to take control of a really big chain gun and slaughter away. You have your traditional rifle, pistols and shotguns and a couple different variations of each.

There is a neat talent tree that offers up extra features like duel wielding hand held shotguns. As soon as I saw that talent I was like, "that's the one I'm goin for!" and I love it =).  Talents improve your reload time, slow-mo time, allow you to carry more ammo, minor stuff, nothing adds to special abilities really, but it does add some extra flavor. There are three different talent tree's with different focuses, one for each main weapon basically: the rifle, pistol, and shotgun. The further you get along in a tree, you get a suped-up version of those weapons available.

There aren't a lot of talents but there's enough to give you reason to want to level up, and they offer up some good fun like throwing dynamite sticks back at your enemies or shooting them out of the air. Does that seem a bit redundant?  Well I didn't think it was that bad. =p Those talents are far from necessary and they don't take long to achieve.

Game Modes

There are three game modes: Story, Arcade and Duel. I haven't played Arcade or Duel just yet, but I did jump into a quick match of Duel just to check it out. Duel is a 1v1 where you basically both fire at the same time (you can shoot early if you want) at the sound of a bell chime (no actual bell chime) you know, western standoff kind of thing. It's a different mechanic than the typical point and shoot. You have a large reticle that you control with your mouse and it moves continuously as you try to position it over your enemy. The longer it hovers over your enemy the more it focuses to give you a better chance at shooting them first. It's weird to get used to at first, I've pulled them off successfully but only to progress through the story. I liked those fights enough to look forward to playing some Duel mode. =) Lots of players didn't like it tho and they didn't like to be forced into it throughout the campaign, they also said it was better in Bound in Blood but i wouldn't know because i still haven't played much of that one yet.

I haven't played Arcade mode yet, I imagine the name alone is self explanatory though. =p It's got leader boards for you, so does Duel mode. There's also a New Game Plus available so it should have plenty of replay value. I know I look forward to playing some more and filling out the entire talent tree and beating it on the hardest difficulty just for fun.

Sound Effects

I don't have a real good memory on it right now but I know I loved both the music and the sound effects. I wouldn't say the sound effects were realistic and that just wouldn't make sense anyways since it's a comic book stylized arcade shooter, they were just good, had a nice feel to them. For all I know they could be realistic, it's not like I listen to those types of guns in real life or anything. Very nice with a pair of headphones on too.

Well I hope I gave you some insight and maybe some inspiration to play it. Thanks for reading!   read

6:20 PM on 06.02.2013

Cloud Gaming: OnLive And What's So Awesome About It


[ltr]OnLive: Instant Gaming

I love almost every video game I play in all genres.  As a kid, I played arcade games, and at one point in my life, I thought that Atari was God.  Then the consoles became more and more sophisticated, until finally, gaming became an interactive experience with online services like Xbox Live and MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.  OnLive is the next generation of gaming -- streaming games on the "cloud" that I can play with other people, or just sit back and watch, if I want to.  Other gamers can check out what I'm doing, and I can go see what they're up to.  I'm still in love with how OnLive performs even after two years of using it.

You only need a tiny client that's not even 7mb in size to access hundreds of AAA and Indie Video Games streaming through the internet to you, just like Youtube or Netflix videos do.  So you're not spending hours downloading and installing these 5g to 20g games onto your PC, it's instant gaming! Not only that but you have the same exact access to those same game saves and games on your android phone and tablet -- not all games have touch controls, though.  (Sadly, its apparent that Apple are little b****es or OnLive would have been accessible on the iOS already.  Sorry Apple users! You can get Androids pretty cheap though, if you want. /wink)


Standard Purchases

Just like Amazon or Steam or any other similar digital purchases, you buy games from the service.  The normal prices do tend to be expensive (normal retail price) but they have their sales too and even giveaway events if you follow them on Facebook or Twitter.  These are only playable on the service, you do not get a downloadable version.  You are required to be connected to the internet since these games are streaming to you. The Witcher 2 is an exception and if you buy it you also get a copy from  They may have similar options in the future but at this point it's not normal.


This is the subscription option they have --  it has over 250 games now. Most of the games are older, but you're likely to enjoy at least half of them.  Even if you don't play them all the time, you'll be like, "Oh wow, I love these games!"  I would name the ones I enjoy on there but I don't feel like looking up the 100+ game titles right now.  I'll name a few hits, though: Bioshock, Borderlands, Tomb Raider(s), Hitman(s) -- there are a bunch of great Indie games too.  My favorite in the PlayPack is Advent Rising.  The PlayPack costs an optional $10 a month.  A major bonus to this subscription is you also get a 30% discount on everything in the Marketplace including accessories such as the Micro-console or controllers as long as you are subscribed!

Unique Features


A feature known as "Spectating" that allows you to view a large number of players currently live playing on the service.  It's basically watching someone stream a game but you can switch around to a multitude of streams and pick which game you want to view (that's available on the service, of course).  A select few games do not have the feature enabled but most do.

The default option of this feature is to allow access to any user to view you while you play a game.  You do have the option to disable it. Another feature of the Arena is the option to "cheer" or "jeer" someone as they play.  This is a reason why some people disable spectating, to stop a spam of "jeers" on their screens.  However you can also simply disable the notifications from showing up on your screen while still allowing people to spectate you.  The choice is yours.  There is also voice chat which is probably another reason people may disable spectating but so far I have never experienced an issue with anybody coming into my game and screaming into my headset. I also just don't wear my headset unless I know I'm going to be talking with someone.  So I haven't been bothered by that.

Brag Clips

I don't know how else to describe it other than super bad-ass awesomeness, but here are some words on it.  This feature allows you to record the last ten seconds of your game-play.  So if you just did something you thought was cool a few seconds ago you, just hit your key-bind Alt+B (if you're playing on the PC client, or there's a single button on the controller to hit (which I feel isn't in a very easy place to quickly reach and tap but you do get used to it)) and it creates a video clip of your game play.

They implemented a Facebook connect awhile back that allows all of your in game Brag Clips and Achievements (again your choice as to which you display) to post directly to Facebook.  There currently is no Youtube or Twitch connection, but that's of course possible in the future.  You are able to use RealPlayer to get your Brag Clips from Facebook onto Youtube if you want.  Currently you can save up to fifty Brag Clips onto your OnLive account that show up on your profile. (It used to be only ten -- oh my gosh!)

Multi-View (Beta)

Check this out: Multi-View shown off at E3
It's currently only use-able by beta testers which are under an NDA and those users cannot talk about it freely sadly.  It's all shown there though, pretty incredible right?  

Other Features

Free Trials

Almost every game on the service allows you to trial it for free for fifteen to thirty minutes and that trial is re-playable as many times as you want.  It will always be the first fifteen to thirty minutes of the game, though.  This will allow you to see if the service will be playable for you. You can even trial the games in your browser at their main website.

A Growing Library

The game library isn't currently near as big as any gamer would want it to be, but it does have a lot of really great games including The Darkness II, Assassins Creed 2 - Revelations, Sleeping Dogs (my current fav game!), and Darksiders 2. It doesn't have every popular AAA but it certainly has a worthy amount of them. The library has always grown, but at a slow pace.

The Dark Side

Any service like this, no matter how awesome, is going to have a down side. With OnLive, your internet connection needs to be good.  Even if you "have good internet", you still need to be able to maintain a steady connection to OnLive, in order to play the games.  Thankfully, you can try the service completely free.  You can either go to and try their games in your browser, or you can sign up for a free account and download the tiny client to see how the full client works.  If the service doesn't currently work great for you now, but you think it's a cool idea, be sure to keep checking back with them.  When I first tried the service I couldn't connect properly for two months.  Of course, I wasn't trying every single day -- LOL -- it took me that long to finally see that I could connect and use it.  I feel fortunate that it didn't take longer.  =p And of course there’s the whole bandwidth issue which i’m fortunate enough to not have to deal with for now.

And Finally...

I love everything about the service.  I'ts been two years since I started using it, and it never fails to impress me.  I love just booting it up.  The service does encounter errors, but it's far less irritating when it's not taxing my own PC.  When it happens on OnLive, I'm just like, "Damnit! You bastards!", and I reboot the game. Unlike my PC, OnLive doesn't usually take ten minutes to reboot a game, or force me to reboot my computer, or urge me to smash my PC into itty bitty tiny pieces.  Anyways, the service does run into issues just like any service would, but it's still awesome.

OnLive filed for ABC bankruptcy and transferred ownership to a new company under the same name at the end of August 2012, but they are still alive and kickin', with zero interruption. However, anything can happen.  Be wary of it if you must, but at least check out how awesome cloud gaming can be and is going to be.  It still blows my mind.

A lot of OnLive’s features were part of Sony’s PS4 reveal. =)

The service has games that can be played by a younger audience but it does require you to be 18 to have an account.[/ltr]   read

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