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Convolut23 avatar 11:55 PM on 10.24.2012  (server time)
I wanted to play a game but that didn't work out

Every time I want to play my PS3, it has to update itself. Like, Jesus Christ, PS3, put your fucking clothes on so we can go to the party and shmooze with the social elite like the sleek rockstar your adverts promised youíd be. But nooooo, you want to wear a thin green G-string to the the ball. Well fuck yoooouuuuu.

I pour a glass of some sort of mystery drink my Chinese friend smuggled into the U.S. Thanks, buddy. Cheers to you, wherever you are.


I must be drunker than I thought. Pressing keys on the keyboard is like pressing keys on a piano. What fun. Fuck the PS3, I might just spend the night tapping away on these little square buttons with communicative characters printed on them. Weeeeee!

^Not this kind of keys.

^Not this kind of keys either.

Holy shit a whiff of this alcohol really clears the sinuses. And a sip leaves my entire mouth numb (lips, tongue, etc.) which is cool for some reason. Oh shut up, PS3. Just because you managed to put yourself together doesnít mean we all have to rush over to you for fuckís sake. Yeah you managed to install data to coalesce trophies from the Vita, whoopdee fucking doo. The horns and string instruments arenít necessary you overzealous-cunt/attention-obsessed-whore-monger.

Where was I?

^Not here.


The drink. Itís a clear fluid. Like vodka. But with the aftertaste of sake. Mmmm...

Iím not an alcoholic, youíre just jealous.

Iíll take my medication again in the morning. So I skipped a day. Itís not the end of the world (evidently). Besides, I had a relatively cheerful day. Spent nearly five hundred dollars in a hip clothes store somewhere in Beverly Hills, but the cashier girl took seventy-five dollars off. I think she loves me. And... umm... what else... happened... today...



I watched some episodes of Freaks and Geeks. Funny show, if a little too melodramatic. Great stuff though. Iím not an Apatow fan but the showís good.

Thatís about it.

Hey, Iíll go to class tomorrow, alright? Quit your whining. I can hear your silent, holier-than-thou judgement across time and space, itís that annoying. Fuck you and your self-righteous, sitting-up-straight, pompous attitude, you jerk.
Now my glass is empty. Umm...


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