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Genki-JAM's blog

2:31 PM on 02.07.2013

DmC Does NOT Deserve All This Praise!

So originally I was going to write a big review of DmC: Devil May Cry and post it here. But it kept getting longer and longer, and at one point I figured people would get bored sitting there reading my thoughts and complaints. So instead, I made a big-ass VIDEO ANALYSIS dissecting the game and it's countless faults. Welp, let's get the ball rolling, shall we? Part 1: Part 2:   read

12:50 PM on 02.03.2013


Another year, another Dtoid Puppy Bowl stream! Ready for 2 hours of CUTENESS? Hells yeah you are! Shit's gonna be BALLER, yo! Head to the SMNTV website if the embed here is too messed up or small for you. If the stream gets full, don't worry. I'll be showing it on loop and will also put a repeat stream after the first showing on my Twitch channel EDIT: TWITCH IS LIVE NOW!   read

2:14 PM on 12.05.2012

STOP All This Drama With Video Games!

I’m absolutely sick of the constant bombardment of complaints I’ve been hearing about certain video games recently. Recently, we’ve had people complain about the new Lara Croft, claiming that the game is “sexist” because of L...   read

1:15 PM on 11.21.2012

Welp. That DmC Demo Was TERRIBLE...

Decided to try out the new DmC demo so I could finally have stronger reason for why I dislike the game. Hoo boy was it an experience. (Below the videos are my extended thoughts.) EDIT: I had an extra thought I forgot to add b...   read

10:58 AM on 10.10.2012

Sleeping Dogs is Fun as Hell

Man, Sleeping Dogs is unbelievably fun. So much so, I decided to record myself playing for a bit. You should check it out. Yay I can embed again!. Inb4 this post is too short to be considered a blog.   read

10:57 AM on 10.10.2012

Aw Snap, My Dragonball Evolution Re-Edit hit Youtube!

Shh, don't tell FOX. I finally got my re-edit of the Dragonball Evolution movie uploaded to Youtube for those of you that want to share it or missed it. It's an unlisted video, so to share it you'll have to share the link. ...   read

10:57 AM on 10.10.2012

The Hidden Difficulty of Kirby Games

Look at this face. So cute. So innocent. Kirby has always been my favorite Nintendo character/franchise. Starting at the ripe age of 8 with Kirby Super Star, I've had a bit of an obsession with the character. Now here we a...   read

12:11 PM on 06.30.2012

TONIGHT! Come watch my Re-Edit of Dragonball Evolution! (9pmCST/10pmEST)

This is it folks. Tonight's the night. On a very special shitty movie night, I'm premiering my re-edit of Dragonball Evolution, Dragonball Evolution GXX#Reload: The Sobat Festival! If you haven't seen it yet, check out the t...   read

7:06 PM on 06.27.2012

REMINDER: Check Out My Re-Edit of Dragonball Evolution THIS SATURDAY!

Just in case you missed it when I posted it on Sunday night... REPOST! Ever since Dragonball Evolution came out on DVD, I felt compelled. Compelled to not only buy this amazingly terrible movie, but also to edit in all of it...   read

10:47 PM on 06.23.2012

Check Out My Re-Edit of Dragonball Evolution Next Week!

Ever since Dragonball Evolution came out on DVD, I felt compelled. Compelled to not only buy this amazingly terrible movie, but also to edit in all of its deleted scenes and air it for a Shitty Movie Night. In the end, that w...   read

1:10 AM on 04.08.2012

Screw Capcom, and Screw Street Fighter x Tekken

I was pretty excited for Street Fighter x Tekken. I was pumped to the point that I pre-ordered the game online as soon as I found a deal. This excitement stemmed from the faith I had in Yoshinori Ono based on the quality of S...   read

2:51 PM on 03.05.2012

An Allegory About Street Fighter x Tekken's "Disc Locked Content"

Decided to make a video about my feelings towards Capcom and this bullshit. Since I don't seem to know how to embed Youtube on Cblogs anymore, here's a link...   read

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