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Genki-JAM's blog

Kitten Bowl v. Puppy Bowl Stream NOW!
10:36 AM on 02.01.2015

I've just hotlinked you to the Ustream link, but I will also include an embed in this Sunday's post. Now for the schedule:

Kitten Bowl: 11AM CST / 12AM EST

Puppy Bowl: 2PM CST / 3PM EST

HOLY CRAP! Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl THIS SUNDAY!
12:54 PM on 01.30.2015
6:11 PM on 11.15.2014
ShiMuNi Alert!
5:39 PM on 11.14.2014
I Made A Music Video! (About Luigi!)
7:55 PM on 07.15.2014
Puppy Bowl VS Kitten Bowl Stream STARTS NOW!!
11:34 AM on 02.01.2014

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Genki-JAM 's blog
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Hey everybody! The Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl streams are starting soon! Hop on in and enjoy the fun!


Kitten Bowl: 11am CST / 12am EST

Puppy Bowl: 2pm CST / 3pm EST

If you miss the show, don't worry, I'll be doing repeats of both shows after their initial airings ALL DAY!

Sheeze the year flew by crazy fast. Seriously, Puppy Bowl really snuck up on me. But don't worry, it's still happening!

This sunday we've got 2 hours of Kittens and then 2 hours of puppies on stream!

I've just hotlinked you to the Ustream link, but I will also include an embed in this Sunday's post. Now for the schedule:

Kitten Bowl: 11AM CST / 12AM EST


Photo Photo

Awww SNAP it's almost time for the SLAM JAM! You guys, it's time to get hype, so say "Whoop there it is!"

In just an hour we'll be enjoying a classic. In case you missed it, today is Space Jam's 18th birthday! And to celebrate, we're going to watch it! And before it starts in just a little while, I will be playing the PS1 Space Jam game. Details on everything below!

Pre-Movie Show: 6:30PM CST/7:30PM EST


Where: On the Official ShiMuNi Ustream channel!

5:39 PM on 11.14.2014

Holy crap it's been FOREVER since the last Shitty Movie Night (or "ShiMuNi" for fans). Why am I talking about it here? Now? Well it was a classic Dtoid community tradition ages ago and this Saturday night (TOMORROW!!) I'm bringing it back!

Well, for one night at least... why am I bringing it back? Well tomorrow is a special day for a certain classic basketball movie. "Which movie?" you ask? Didn't you read the header??

That's right, it's Space Jam's 18th birthday tomorrow! Space Jam is finally of legal age. So we're gonna give this classic movie some sweet, sweet lovin'.

Where: On the Official ShiMuNi Ustream channel!

When: Saturday, November 15th @ 7PM CST/8PM EST

This is a time for celebration, fun and laughter with the community. I hope you guys will come and enjoy this classic with me. And who knows? There might be some extra surprises in store...

What's up everybody? Been a while since I've posted a video or rant, so I figured I should change that! A little over a month ago, mc chris was hosting a contest. You could submit a music video, t-shirt artwork, or a remix of one of his new songs. Seeing as Luigi is my absolute favorite Mario universe character, making a music video based on mc chris's new song "Luigi" seemed like a given. And after putting in a ton of time and effort, I WON! It's been sitting in the Youtube-verse for a while now, and I've been meaning to share it with you all... I've just been too lazy/busy to make a post about it until now. Anyway, ENJOY!

[justify]Awwww snap! It's another year, which means it's time for another Puppy Bowl stream! But this year, there's actually COMPETITION. Yeah, Competing with Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl this year, Hallmark channel is introducing the Kitten Bowl.[/justify]

[justify]The question is, which one will be better? Will the Puppy Bowl stop showing us all those annoying celebrity reactions and get back to showing us more footage of the game? Will the Kitten Bowl have a Puppy Half-Time show? FIND OUT THIS SUNDAY![/justify]

[justify]Now, usually I do a simul-stream, showing it in both my Livestream channel and Ustream channel. This year I can't do that since I've abandoned paying for Xsplit and have gone to OBS. Plus, my Livestream channel is locked at 50 viewers, so we're making the move over to Ustream.[/justify]

[justify]I'll be sure to reblog a link tomorrow morning (since you still can't embed stream channels anymore).[/justify]

[justify]SCHEDULE: [/justify]

[justify]Kitten Bowl: 11AM - 2PM (Central Time)[/justify]
[justify]Puppy Bowl: 2PM - 5PM (Central Time)[/justify]

[justify]After first airing, the shows will repeat, so don't freak out too much if you end up missing them. I may also hold a vote after the Puppy Bowl to see which show people want to watch a repeat of.[/justify]

[justify]GET HYPE![/justify]

[justify](Also, I have zero idea why formatting code is showing in this damn post)[/justify]