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Hey everybody! I finally finished that album I was working on for you all!

EDIT: FUCK. Apparently, during the upload a bunch of the tracks disappeared.. I think they may have been burned in an internet fire, so the only songs that remain are 1,2,4,12, and Bonus. I deeply apologize and hope that you can enjoy what is still there.. while you can.. (the internet fires may spread...)

1 Dragonforce: Fury of the Storm - Shaggy and Scooby Doo
2 Ben Folds: Bitches Ain't Shit - Cookie Monster
3 Mickey Avalon: My Dick - Kermit the Frog
4 Sonic X Theme: Bill Cosby and Arnold Schwarzenegger
5 Anita Ward: Ring my Bell - Arnold Schwarzenegger
6 Sit MixaLot: I Like Big Butts - Elmo
7 The BeeGees: Love You Inside Out - Arnold Schwarzenegger
8 Crush 40: Seven Rings in Hand - Bill Cosby
9 Trapped in the Pudding Pt.1 - Bill Cosby
10 Trapped in the Pudding Pt.2 - Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy
11 Trapped in the Pudding Pt.3 - Bill Cosby
12 Trapped in the Pudding Pt.4 - Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy
(Bonus Track) BLUEWOLF'S SONG!


I just want to thank again everyone that donated and supported me through this whole process. I hope you all enjoy the album!

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