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Genfuyung's blog

12:55 AM on 11.28.2008

Destructoid Earrings

I know, short blog is short and I'm aware of which way the forums are but I thought some people would get a kick out of seeing these and obviously more people read the blogs then go to the forums. My girlfriend just sent me this picture of some dtoid earrings she made. Apparently a Mr Dtoid figure is up next.   read

7:25 PM on 07.08.2008

For those with doubts about Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

When this game was first shown off I was in the majority of people who were really concerned about what Rare was doing with this series. I thought the first one was an amazing game, especially for its time, and seeing them ch...   read

3:39 PM on 02.13.2008

New Warhawk deal, other game deals, and Brawl pre order at Best Buy.

Target has Warhawk, Lair, Motorstorm and Resistance for 40 dollars. That is the warhawk with the headset. Also Folklore for 30 bucks. Not a bad deal for those looking to get some games for the PS3. Last week Amazon had Warh...   read

7:18 PM on 01.12.2008

Mr Destructoid in glorious 1080P. (NVGR)

I just popped in Paprika on Blu Ray and about 10 minutes in this pops up. So there he is. Mr Destructoid in 1080p. Sorry if this belongs in the forums. I thought more people would see it this way.   read

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