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Freedom, customization, and writing are all aspects of my ideal game. When the three are executed to a high degree it becomes pure gaming bliss. Escaping to a whole new world, whether that be Tamriel or Mass Effect's Milky Way Galaxy; is why I game. Of course I'm no stuck up snob. I enjoy the more "mindless" fun of Mario Party or a Super Smash Bros. These are just two reasons why gaming is the best entertainment medium. We can escape from our everyday lives into a fantasy world but at the same time be connected to others. A geek is what I am and I'm damn proud of it.

I really enjoy video game music, whether it be OST, fan-made, or something else entirely. Music is the unsung hero of any great game. The importance of a good soundtrack cannot be overstated. This is why I have a running article that picks one song to highlight every week. In fact I hardly listen to anything other than game soundtrack these days.

To get more into the finer details of myself as a writer, I try to be original. We all hate reading the same "Call of Duty Sucks!" articles ten times over. Unless I feel I can shed new light on the subject, I see no point in me writing about it. I also try to add a bit of humor in when I can. After all games are entertainment and entertainment and humor go hand in hand.

As for more personal stuff, well I currently attend college where I intend on getting a degree in writing arts. I'll be working towards a career in gaming journalism; after all what better career option is there for a gamer with a writing habit?

General Mills44
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