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Gen Eric Gui's blog

7:49 PM on 03.20.2009

Suikoden: Tierkreis initial impressions

I'm pretty much the biggest Suikoden fanboy on the planet, so when I found out they were making a new entry for the DS, I was ecstatic. When I found out it was coming to the US, I just about had some kind of attack. When I ...   read

9:58 PM on 03.01.2009

Exit 2 XBLA comments

I did a review for Exit DS a little while back, and well, this game is basically more of the same. 250 more levels of Mr. ESC helping stupid people escape disaster areas for money and coffee. You can literally read my old r...   read

8:21 PM on 02.27.2009

Pangya PSP announced for US release; yes, I'm aware I'm the only one in the world who cares

I love Pangya. I've never really gotten to play it's original online version, but I saw something about it in a rogue issue of Nintendo Power, and saw it compared to Mario Golf, a game I loved on the N64. Always on the look...   read

11:45 PM on 02.01.2009

10 things about Gen Eric Gui that you couldn't care less about

EVERYONE ELSE WAS DOING IT AND I WANTED TO BE COOL TOO. 10 - I'm a self-defeatist. I hate everything I have ever done in my life. I am a perfectionist, and I have yet to come even remotely close to meeting my ludicrously h...   read

5:27 PM on 01.27.2009

Atlus needs to fix their faucets: more possible game leaks I've never heard of Dokapon Journey or Crimson Gem Saga until just now, but Knights in the Nightmare, Super Robot Taisen, and Devil Survivor have made my pants tight. CAN'T WAIT. ATLUS I WILL GIVE YOU ALL MY MONIES.   read

5:55 PM on 01.14.2009

SaGa 2 remake announced for DS, I am in awe Back when this was only known as "Final Fantasy Legend 2" and I still actually played Final Fantasy games, I rented the game from a Mom and Pop game rental ...   read

5:27 PM on 11.09.2008

Exit DS review

As I said in my Legend of Kage 2 review, I'm really growing to like Taito. They know what they do well and they just do it. The results may not be the most original games, or even the most impressive, but they're solid and ...   read

9:02 PM on 10.23.2008

First Impressions of Legend of Kage 2

Taito has been making quite a comeback since Square-Enix bought them up, and I might say it's one of the few good influences S-E has brought to the game world. With recent releases like Exit and the upcoming Exit DS(I've als...   read

11:35 AM on 10.22.2008

Quick review of the new Megaman 9 DLC

I finally got around to downloading the new difficulty modes and the extra Time Attack stage last night, and I have to say I'm very pleased. The new Time Attack stage is really a step above and beyond the normal stages in th...   read

11:51 PM on 09.28.2008

Time Hollow review

This review is almost as short as the game, haha! :( Time Hollow is an adventure/puzzle game in the vein of King's Quest and Monkey Island, except it's much easier, told in first person, spiffed up with anime art and lots...   read

7:19 PM on 09.02.2008

Commando: Steel Disaster impressions(now with pictures!)

It took me a whole week, but I finally managed to track down a copy of this game. Turns out it was worth the search. You don't fuck around with this many enemies. I went into the game expecting a balls-hard, less-polished...   read

7:57 PM on 08.22.2008

Tatsunoku VS. Capcom: New character revealed! Megaman Volnut!

Megaman Legends finally gets some love. I shed a single tear of pure joy when I saw this video. It is...absolutely magnificent. Of all the Megaman games, Legends is pretty much my favorite. It's such an amazing game with incredible gameplay and characters and setting and EVERYTHING. I...I need new pants.   read

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