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Simon avatar 4:28 AM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 Things I have Written Down About Gemsi You May Care To Read

I wasn't going to do one of these until Coon and Pew told me to, and so I did

1 - I don't really feel the cold

Why I don't know, but the cold doesn't bother me much at all I just live with it and get on with it but hot summers screw me up from doing anything, but being a Brit its rare to ever see one of them

2 - I wear shorts and sandals all year long

This ties in with the whole not really being effected by the cold thing, since I left secondary school I've only not been wearing shorts and sandals a small handful of times like funerals and the like.
If I can get away with wearing shorts and sandals then god knows that's what I will be turning in,and if the weather happens to god forbid it nice and sunny that day then I'm in the best clothes.

3 - I Love Video Game Music

Be it OST's or Remixes I enjoy listening to music from games more than any other, in some cases games i've never even played, why I started listening to mainly Video game stuff I have no clue, something about it means much more to me than most music to me

4 - I'm Lazy

I'm pretty lazy about most things, as long as I get done what needs to be done by when it means to be done I'm fine with it, I'm the kinda person that tends to just drift around in the middle, always getting average results in school and college, and have always been pretty happy being middle of the road which I know I really shouldn't be but that's life I suppose

5 - The First System I Owned was a GameGear /The First Game I owned was Power Rangers The Movie

And it was awesome, while I can't remember how old i was when i got it, I remember the day I got my GameGear blowing my mind, I remember spending all day playing power rangers before finding out I had also been given Sonic 1 and 2 for the GameGear, awesome day was awesome, well until the gamegear ate every battery in the house anyway....

6 - I have no idea quite where I am going in life

While I have always been doing stuff that interests me during my still continuing education, I've never really had a good idea of what I want to do with my life, I figure I will just keep doing stuff I enjoy till I stop enjoying it

7 - I <3 Lego

Even now with all my Lego packed away until such time as I can go mad with it, If I come across a random collection of pieces I will spend a huge amount of time seeing just what I can do with it, it is pretty much the only tool that I have ever found that I can use to make stuff in.
I can never made what I want in any art form or game engine or whatever, but give me some Lego and I can made all kinds of weird and awesome stuff.

8 - I tend to know much more about some subjects than I let on

I do this when I'm talking to people more than on the internet but whatever, I'm the kind of person that like know stuff, even if it is never going to be useful for the rest of my life, but I rarely bother to bring the information up even when it is useful or the fact I've seen something someone may have missed.
Part of it is I don't like to show-off, the other being it can help whoever out if they have to learn for themselves rather than having someone rush in with the answer

9 - I started both my weekly cblogs for a reason

I didn't just one day decide to start doing the EU Releases, and later the UK Bargians, I pretty much always was looking at information for both of them already, just decided that as no one else was doing them I would have to step up myself because who doesn't want to know what games came out 6 months ago in the US and what games are at the price they should be.

10 - I'm not really a Brit

While I live in Britain and have a British passport, I don't class myself as a Brit, I come from Cornwall, and class myself as Cornish, its pretty much like saying I'm Welsh or Scottish, but without any of the downsides of coming from Wales or Scotland

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