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Groundhog Day: Don't Look Down There!

No! Don't look down there! Letís get this out of the way first and foremost: I don't finish games. I rarely do. Even if Iím crazy about it, Iíll chip away at the game little by little, but rarely exceed finishing it over ...


The Great Escape: Yes, I Can.

Having been a gamer for most of my natural life [one of my earliest memories consists of playing Gran Turismo at my friend's house, listening to my parents laugh at us for leaning into our turns], you would imagine that there...


To Love or to Leave my Console Exclusives

Now, this may be coming a little late, because I can vaguely recall seeing a few c-blogs recently that dealt with the same core topic. However, it's my Spring Break, and rather than getting shot down in Mexican drug wars on m...


My Expertise: Everything! (but not really)

When I first joined up on Dtoid, one of the first things I came across was this whole "Monthly Musing" gig. I knew immediately that I wanted to drabble on about my personal expertise, but then something occured to me. I had n...


My Unrequited Love Affair: Shmups

I don't know about the rest of you, but I just love all sorts of games. From music games to RPGs to hack'n slashes to racing games, I think I've enjoyed at least one game per genre. However, this doesn't mean that I'm good at...


Late Things: Introductions and Resolutions

Well, hello there, Destructoid, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster, and you can call me Juuu. :] I'm happy to be here. It's nice to find a community centered around posting all sorts of news and opinions on what they l...


About GeekyJuuuone of us since 2:02 PM on 02.06.2010

y halo thar, you can call me "Juuu". I do all sorts of wonderful geeky things, but my favorite is playing video games. :] I'm not picky, I'll play a little bit of anything as long as it's fun. But in case you need to know, here are my favorites: [in no particular order, of course.]

Survival Horror
Music Games
RPGs [though I don't know why I bother-I can never finish them...]
Visual Novels/Text Adventures/Whatever you'd like to call them.

Fatal Frame
Devil May Cry
Silent Hill
Ace Attorney
Harvest Moon
Pop'n Music
The World Ends With You

Being a student, I don't have much time to play these days, but I try. So what exactly is it that I'm trying to play right now?

DeathSmiles [360]
Pokemon SoulSilver [DS]
Half Minute Hero [PSP]

In case you'd like a little more background, here's the long story short:
Growing up as a tomboy, I spent more time as a child playing outside and trading pokemon cards than playing with dolls. A close childhood friend persuaded me to try playing PS1, and it was good. I recieved my very first console for Christmas, however, I mostly used it for licensed titles. The love affair didn't start until another friend persuaded me to try Super Mario 64.
And it was wonderful.
Since then, I've been taking great pride in nerding-out over game news of all sorts and wasting precious hours and dollars on games. Currently, I own an SNES, N64, PS2, Wii, and 360, as well as a DS and GBA SP, and I love them all like children. <333 I'd probably go after them first in a fire as opposed to clothes, pets, family heirlooms, ect. XD

I guess I'll add more as I think of it, but as for now, how bout you ask me things if you're curious? :]

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