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Gazanator avatar 11:17 AM on 12.02.2013  (server time)
Steam Sale Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Be Conservative

Another holiday, another season, another Steam Sale, has arrived. The time of year you impulsively buy many PC games at ridiculously low prices. I am guilty of this. Apparently I own over seven hundred games on Steam, and I am sure I have only completed about 10% of them, more of less, possibly less. Why? We are terrible consumers that's why! Not this time though, I will beat you Steam! Yes, your sales are to die for, and is one of the many reasons why I love the PC space, but luckily for me who already owns a shit-tonne of games, there's not a whole lot to grab my attention this time around, thankfully.

I'm abiding by rules this time around, like only buying a game that is on my wishlist, is at least 66% off, and costing 5 or less, unless it's Shadow Warrior, dammit, I failed already. With that exception, I have only bought one game so far, which was Ms. Splosion Man, and it was 75% off. I have a few games on my wishlist, some being new releases like State of Decay, a Day-Z-esque zombie game I've wanted to try out for a while, I could have bought it for 7.49, but I said, "Nope!" If I wait another month, it is bound to go even lower, and that's usually the case with many PC games.

You can buy games like Skyrim and Dishonored for like 4/$6.50 now! The Steam Autumn sale ends pretty soon, and it is very likely I will be a less financially-retarded consumer this time around. Once the last day approaches and if none of the games on my wishlist goes above 50% off, I have to carefully consider what I want to buy, and most of them are under 5 luckily, so Christmas for me has pretty much already sorted it out in my favour.

What have you bought in the Steam Autumn Sale? What haven't you bought in the Steam Autumn Sale? How fat is your wallet? How virtually-drained is your wallet? What Steam game will you be playing this holiday season? Share your Steam-related thoughts, woes, or anything down below.

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