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Gazanator avatar 8:48 AM on 04.03.2014  (server time)
New trailer for Middle-earth: Force Unleashed.

A new trailer for Middle-earth: Force Unleas.., I mean Shadow of Mordor has come to light, and it is one that has got me all skeptical, more than before anyway. It was obvious from the start they are going for a power fantasy Lord of the Rings game here, because no-one is really all that powerful in the actual universe unless you're Sauron, a witch-king or Gandalf the Fricking Gray, or White if you prefer him without the tobacco and awesome hat.

I say Force Unleashed, because judging by the few seconds of combat, it seems on par with the overpowered Jedi you play as in the Star Wars game, and it seems the same thing is happening with Lord of the Rings, except they decided to go with God of War's story, and tailor it to the Lord of the Rings universe. It is such a generic plot used by many games now, especially power fantasy ones, and I doubt this is one would be considered canon, like the plot to Force Unleashed was, even though it was terrible plot-wise however that game was fun, and I hope Shadow of Mordor will be too. 

I just hate it when AAA developers put out 'story trailers', because they will likely somewhat spoil it and leave no room for emotional impact when you actually get around to playing the game itself, if you actually give a shit about story in games at all. And this is no narrative-driven game, you can tell that. If you want a power fantasy game where you play as a ranger who secretes glowing blue stuff out of his eyes in Middle-earth, and from the developer of good games like F.E.A.R, Condemned, No One Lives Forever, etc, then you can go no wrong, as long as it is satisfying from a gameplay angle. It has being a while since we have had a half-decent Lord of the Rings title, so I hope Monolith do not balls this one up. It will be a 6/10 experience at least I think, I don't like scores, but that is how skeptical I am of it. You can pre-order it now, although you are a shill if you do so, wait until October, read the reviews and then make your decision, because I intend to.

Just like to make a note: My original intent was just talk about the trailer and what I thought of it, and then look for some images of the game to put in for reference purposes, but then I discovered how similar Shadow of Mordor and Force Unleashed literally were. I found it funny, and here are all the above images I could find showing how 'similar' the two games are and therefore making the 'Force Unleashed' part of the blog title and blog post itself even more relevant. Even Gollum is not impressed.

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