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Gawii UK avatar 2:50 AM on 11.26.2009  (server time)
Late to the ipod touch/iphone party and I didn't even bring drinks!

I have a couple of mates that have always been on the cutting edge of 'trendy' technology- probably because they're both from well to do families and have then gone on to get decent jobs themselves. They had a 'classic' ipod back in the day when it was a black and white LCD screen and cost about as much as a small village in Tuscany, and now they have ridiculously expensive monthly contracts with an iphone.

I must confess that when I eventually managed to get hold of a 30GB 5th gen black ipod (about 3 years ago now) it was one of the best things that I had ever bought in my life ever. Work takes me all over the country- sometimes by car, sometimes by train and in any case my ipod was by my side- either plugged into the USB port of my Fiat 500 or plugged into my ears. Loaded with audiobooks, podcasts, movies that I would hook up to the TV with an AV cable, and tunes it would make my time on the road and in the hotel rooms that bit easier.

Recently I bit the bullet and upgraded to a second hand, first generation ipod touch in mint condition from ebay on the idea that I would sell my 'classic' and that would contribute towards the cost. I liked the idea of the PDA style mutlimedia interface that came with the ipod touch and I understand that it is basically an iphone minus the phone.

The big downside to this machine though is that it costs 35 for a cable to hook your machine up to the TV (3rd party ones don't work by all accounts) plus it no longer hooks up to the USB port in my car (without having to buy an 80 Fiat conversion dongle) so I have had to keep my 'Classic' for on the road anyway.

It's a bit crap that Apple release these new ipods, which aren't cheap and we have to buy brand new peripherals to make the bloody things work. I'm surprised that you actually get earphones with em!

Then you have to trawl trough the 100,000 apps that are out there- some of them cost as much as 60, some of them are free. The Apple adverts make these apps look like they'll change your life, insinuating that we all go out to resteraunts on a regular basis and so need something to randomly pick where we eat, how much it'll cost and an app to find a local taxi firm and yadda yadda yadda. The truth is it is all bullshit- use it once and get bored of it. I downloaded a budgeting app and then found that Excel did the job much better, downloaded a shopping list app and found that a pen and paper was better- I've even downloaded some games and found them to be incredibly shallow, lacking depth and found the touchscreen controls a little bit unresponsive.

That said though I think that Shazam looks a fun app and I think the Sky Mobile TV app (I think only available in the UK) that allows you to watch a selection of 6 premium sports channels for just 6 a month (when it costs 26 a month to get them on your telly) is the best thing I've seen. Ever.

So any of you guys know of any apps that are actually fun and/or useful?

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