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Hotels Just Don't Cater For Gamers!!!!!

After four days of excrutiating boredom, living out of a hotel room with work I am finally going to head off home tonight. Hotels are strange places, theres the whole thing of being based in a room that 1000 people might have...


Fake Forum Soccer Fans Make My Blood Boil

As an Englishman I think that the USA and Britain are different when it comes to sports. American sports appear to involve or encourage higher scoring with plenty of stoppages, time-outs and breaks, in part to do with the nat...


Dodging the Wii Bullet

I wrote a blog a while ago called 'disillusionment with the Wii' which basically described how I traded my Wii in for and Xbox-360 because I was sick of the low quality of games available for the console and the patronising a...


Why do I keep getting banned from forums?

Forums and the people I interact with on forums tend to make me look at myself as a person- there are so many different types of people out there that go and interact on forums that it can be enlightening as well as annoying....


Sods Law in on-line gaming

I have a chocolate labrador retriever called 'Campbell' (after Evil Dead Actor Bruce) that could fill a novel of 'Marley and me' proportions. This is the lovable little brute that did the biggest and wettest crap I have seen ...


Life getting in the way of gaming

Usually after listening to an Episode of 'Retroforce Go' I find myself wanting to play one of the games that they have been discussing. It must be the enthusiasm that they put into their love of the games, but it is also a lo...


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