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Garbz avatar 5:24 PM on 08.28.2007  (server time)
I stand corrected

Some of you might remember my last foray into the Dtoid blogging community in which i basically outlined the fact that i was not impressed with the BioShock demo and would not be buying game for various other reasons.

I now stand corrected.

Having come into some money, 50 to be precise, during the aftermath of my A-Level results, i ventured into town with the intention of buying Blue Dragon.

I complete the required bus journey into town, trotted over the bank to transfer the cheque into my account and then hopped along to GAME, temple for all of my gaming needs.

Making my way over to the Xbox 360 section i quickly spy Blue Dragon on the shelves. However, my eye soon moves over to, and lingers on, BioShock.

After about five minutes of deliberation (a long time considering the short attention span most teenagers possess) i decide i that will get Bioshock, play it and on the whole enjoy the standard FPS-fare encoded within the disc.

The moment i hit the Medical wing i was hooked.

Bioshock is simply amazing.

Yeah, another BioShock blog. Whoop-de-fuck right?

I guess the point i'm trying to get across is this:

I played up to Arcadia and enjoyed every single fucking minute of a game i had almost written off completely.

Then my parents decide to take me up north to visit relatives and i havn't touched BioShock since.

I'm back now but over the last three days a feel like i have experienced what most of the Dtoid community felt for the last year or so.

I needto play BioShock.


I've got a lot of gaming to catch up on tomorrow and after three days of nothing but Sudoku on my mobile phone, you better believe tomorrow is going to feel like the second coming of Christ.

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