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Garbz avatar 12:23 PM on 09.02.2007  (server time)
BioShock watched me gleefully hunt the Tape Recordings and then rained on my parade

*Warning* Possible spoilerz within *Warning*

This is going to be my last BioShock CBlog.


All my other one's have involved it in someway:

- How i don't want it.
- How i have it and love it.

And now, to complete my trilogy of BioShock CBlogs i'm going to have a little whinge.

Basically, I've been playing the game, spreading it out carefully so as not to rush it and basically take my time exploring and collecting things.

So it comes to my last play time which i have just ended, having noticed my 360 was kicking out some unhealthy amounts of heat to the point where i turned it off to prevent a RRoD situation.

In this play time i fought my way through Olympus Heights, Apollo Square and Point Prometheus before saving the game at the start of the Proving Grounds.

Now, i already knew no tapes were present in the Proving Grounds, and, having not been awarded the 'Historian' achievement i hastened over to my PC to determine which tapes i had missed out.

Turns out the culprits were 'Impossible to build anywhere else' by Andrew Ryan and 'The Vita-chamber' by Dr. Suchong.

So, i hop in a Bathysphere and return to Hephaestus.

I grab the first tape no problem (turns out i hadn't gone all the way down to the bottom of the walkway in the Core room).

Ah well, on with the second. Or so i thought.

Turns out, the section before you hop through the hole in the toilet wall way back in 'Welcome To Rapture' isn't the only section in the game that you can't get back to, as i painfully just found out.

Yep, the last tape recording i need to obtain to receive the 'Historian' achievement is located on the desk to the left of the entrance in the Control Room before Andrew Ryan's office.


Now, fair enough, i have a save file i can go back to so no big deal right?

Just boot that one up and play through the rest of the game picking up tapes again.

I want the achievement and will likely end up getting it eventually but this has left me really disheartened as it was just sheer bad luck that meant the one tape i am missing is in an unobtainable section of the game at this point.

Which, to be honest, is very annoying considering i hunted everywhere so i could obtain the two hardest achievements, 'Historian' and 'Tonic Collector', during my easier run through so i don't have to do it when i play the game on Hard mode.

What really frustrates me is that i can't think of a reason why i shouldn't be allowed back into the Control Room/Office area.

It didn't blow up as far as i am aware and wasn't destroyed in anyway.

Now, if by some chance this area does open up once i have finished the Proving Grounds then we can all disregard this little moan. If it doesn't, i hope the DLC opens it up again for me.

BioShock is a fucking awesome game but damn, this little problem really blows.

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