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Garblocks avatar 6:17 AM on 02.13.2012  (server time)
Training: Its going to be a long, rage filled ride.

I've always tried to teach my friends how to play games like Starcraft 2, Street Fighter 4 and other competitive titles. I'm one of the only people out of my group of friends that enjoy 1v1 combat in games. Most people want to give up in a heartbeat when they see a glimmer of failure ahead. I think that is what separates the players willing to improve and the players who will never get any better.

I can relate to this topic because I remember when Street Fighter 4 was coming out those years ago. I was pumped! I even bought the Super Turbo Hyper World Champion Remix Masters HD 3D on Xbox Live to prepare for it. Then the game came out. Oh boy! I was pumped! All the versus matches with friends made me think I was ready to hit ranked matches right away. Man was I wrong.

I lost, lost and lost. It was terrible! I wanted to throw my sticks into my TV. I went to arcade mode and got my ass handed to me by the computer. I don't think there could have been anything else to shut me down any more than that. I was about to give up. This was all on day one! I didn't want to give up after all the excitement I had for the game. Nu uh. I continued to play the game for an entire month. I ended up with a win/loss record in ranked with about 20/130. You would think by then you would just stop playing right? Not me. I believe that was the point I started to pick up wins. I ended my career on Street Fighter 4 with about 200 wins over losses. Now, I am no pro. I rarely play anymore and for some reason the good players hang out in player matches.

I didn't mean to get side tracked but if there is anything I've learned about trying to get better at a game, its going to involve a ton of loses. I can relate for Starcraft 2 (another game I thought I was the shit at before playing) and League of Legends. It takes a lot of time to learn character movements. The basic strategies. How the average player thinks in the game. Its all a mind game. If there is one thing I have learned, it is to play as unorthodox as you can. That is what always got to me. The ones you couldn't read. The opponents wouldn't let you guess what they were about to do.

I feel like this is more of a personal story of myself then really "training". In my opinion I think that people should just be thrown into the game and learn from the ground up. Sure some videos online will teach you some neat tricks but then you're just playing like someone else out there. A fighting game is all about style. Play yourself, don't mimic a pro. For League of Legends I did the same and felt out my own item builds for my champions. I play a pretty mean Wukong and I have yet to see any other Wukong's use a similar build.

Who am I kidding. I still suck at Street Fighter. I'm no where near pro. That doesn't stop me from learning though. I think the best thing to do for training for a new game is to be as stubborn as you can be. Who knows, you can be the guy that finds out some crazy new combo/strategy. Or you can be like me and fail. The only thing that matters is have fun and keep at it. Hopefully my advice is helpful. Otherwise your going to think I just wanted you to go through pain and suffering for nothing.

Mmmm. Yeah girl. Show me it hurts.

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