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Currently Playing: A mix of Dragon Age, Demon's Soul, Valkyria Chronicles and Street Fighter @ home, and at work some Dissidia and FF Tactics @ work.

I'm a fan of:

Nintendo and Sony
I've got a C64, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, DS, PSX, PS2, PS3, PSP and a Wii. I keep all my games and wont trade them in :D Although the C64 and NES are lost to the ravages of time and moving.

I dig most JRPGs and a few Western ones as well
o Any Final Fantasy (Mystic Quest included)
o I played a lot of the Gold box RPGs from TSR as well as the old Bethesda TES Games
Fighting Games in General are bad ass
o Any Street Fighter or Capcom vs games are winners IMO
Some FPS games. I was a big fan of the original Quake, Half-Life (not counter strike though odd enough. I played a lot of Battlefield 1942(BC2 now) and looking forward to 1943. Dont like the Haylos
MMORPGs I played the shit out of most SOE MMOs games. In fact I worked in SOE technical support (TSR- TrevorG on the official forums) for about a year, than we parted ways. $10/hour OUCH

(FYI I can't stand WoW. Yes I played it, got to 25 on 4 classes, and just didn't like the overall mechanics and playerbase/community.)

Strategy Games Give me some classic X-Com or something akin it.

Music wise Im into metal, rock, punk, some hip-hop (not rap, there is a difference), jazz, classical and soundtracks to movies and games.

I spent some time working at SOE in 2008 as a customer service/technical support on the forums as TSR TrevorG. While I probably wouldn't go back, there are some great guys and ladies working there. I even play a weekly D&D game with them still on Sundays.
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4:11 PM on 09.16.2010

Hey Dtoiders!

I just lost my job yesterday to new management, and am looking for some good work in the San Diego, Riverside or Sacramento area. I've been doing customer service, tech support and technical training for 10+ years and have also done storyboard work for low budget and amateur films (

I've sadly canceled my Move pre-order, as well as my FFXIV CE :(

I have a resume available HERE, if anybody is interested.

Thanks for checking this out, if anybody has information on jobs in media or technical work I would love you forever!!

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