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Tim Langdell is a Misunderstood Hero

If you follow indie game news, you've probably heard of Tim Langdell. He's the CEO of EDGE Games, and he's deadly serious about protecting that brand. Many see an incompatibility between Langdell's IGDA board position and his...


I made this, play it: Inventory Tetris

Although Iím not taking part in this yearís Global Game Jam, I coincidentally decided to also put together a small game over the last two days. It was a feat only made possibly by the friendliness of the L÷VE 2D engine, a f...


The Games of 2008

This year will be coming to an end soon, and I'm sure many of you will be making "Best Games of 2008" lists this month. However, a year is a long time and many of us can barely remember games that were released this Spring....


DOEO! Time wasting flash game with Katamari style graphics

I gave it a shot for the visuals alone, but now I'm actually quite impressed by this game. It takes a certain skill to get the rhythm of the mouse movements and the art style/music is very entertaining (if a tad unoriginal at this point.) DOEO! If you're looking to procrastinate, you could do worse. Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun


Mass Effect Credits Song

Still Alive was the credits song to end all credits songs, and I don't think anyone will top it anytime soon. That being said, with the flood of great games that arrived at the end of 2007, I think a lot of greatness got lost...


8-Bit Katamari YTMND

In the spirit of the 32-bit Mario Galaxy, I present to you the 8-bit Katamari Damacy: http://eightbitkatamaridamacy.ytmnd.com/ I'm 99% sure this hasn't been posted before.


No More Heroes - One Hour Review

No More Heroes was released in Canada just this week. This of course was a week later than our neighbours down south, a week I spent reading some of my favorite bloggers have a nerdgasm or two over it. Needless to say I pic...


How the Valve Stole Christmas

From the moment it was announced way back in November, I knew I had to get my hands on a Weighted Companion Cube Plush. Portal is one of the best games I've ever played, so I was eager to have a version of the WCC that I did...


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OBJECTION! Phoenix Wright cosplayer + me at Video Games Live Toronto

My name is Matthew and I write a small blog called The Quixotic Engineer about nerdy things. I'm a Software Engineering student at Concordia University in Montreal. My love of video games started with my dad's ColecoVision and has no signs of stopping.

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