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I recently read an article stating that neither Nintendo nor Sony would be attending PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) East, an annual gaming festival. PAX East, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of numerous gaming festivals held across the country. Sony does not need to attend PAX East since their newest console, the Playstation 4, has been the hottest commodity of the 8th generation of video games. The Playstation 4 has had great success while only being on the market since November of 2013. Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One will be attending PAX East. Since its release in November of 2013, the Xbox One has outsold the Nintendo Wii U but has recorded fewer sales than the Playstation 4. Nintendo’s Wii U has been on the market longer than both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, yet its sales have been very poor. It is well documented that the Wii U is “underpowered” and can be considered a flop due to both the lack of third party support and the number of units sold in its time on the market. The Nintendo Wii U has not met the expected sales numbers of 9 million units that Nintendo projected its console to sell by the end of this fiscal year. What has Nintendo done wrong, and how can they fix the issue? Well, for one thing, Nintendo should absolutely be attending PAX East this year. Nintendo should arrive to PAX East with one plan in mind – how can we get gamers, both casual and hardcore to buy our console? This plan Nintendo should have is quite simple, really – Nintendo needs to show people that the Wii U is a legitimate gaming console. Nintendo desperately needs to sell units, and the best way to sell units is to show the market what the Wii U has to offer. The newest Mario Kart title is out in a few months and that game alone will sell a large number of units. Why not show off footage of Mario Kart 8? Why not reveal a demo that people can play at PAX East? Get people interested in your console, Nintendo! Show a trailer for Bayonetta 2, Zelda Wii U, or X. Provide screen shots for the new Super Smash Brothers game. PAX East is the perfect time for Nintendo to disprove all of the people criticizing the Wii U. Sony will not be there; why not take advantage of that? Show people what they are missing out on. Show the amazing first party titles people grew up with and brag about those titles only being on a Nintendo product. We know that Super Smash Brothers will sell millions of units, but why not anticipate other games heavily and sell millions more, too? Bottom line, Nintendo is making a huge mistake by not attending PAX East. If Nintendo were to dominate PAX East and win everyone over, Nintendo could carry the momentum into PAX Prime and E3.
    Nintendo seems to be late to the party every time when there is a new gaming trend. Whether it is a stable online service, multiplayer, or marketing, Nintendo is the last to do something. The president and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata does not seem to listen to the loyal fans. Nintendo’s devoted fans will plea and plea for Nintendo to do something great. Does Nintendo do what everyone wants? Nope. Nintendo will do what they feel is good and it seldom is what we, the fans want. It is both frustrating and disrespectful. The game pad controller is cool and an interesting idea, but it seems like Nintendo focused on their controller too much and not enough with other issues – marketing.
   Nintendo needs to market their system better. Over the previous year, I have not seen a single commercial advertising Nintendo titles to be released over the next year. Super Mario 3D World is the only game on the system that has been advertised. Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, and Super Smash Brothers have not been advertised like they should be. The Wii U itself has been advertised very poorly. Someone with little video game knowledge could suspect that the Wii U is either an attachment to the original Wii, or is a new console catered to families and children. Why Nintendo has advertised both its console and its games more is blasphemous. If Nintendo does not change their marketing scheme now, I don’t think they ever will and Nintendo will miss out on consumers, profit, and success.
   If Nintendo were to attend PAX East like they should, the company could significantly rebound and significantly increase sales numbers. I wish nothing but the best for Nintendo. It is frustrating to see such a great company make such little effort to market and sell a unique console with so much potential. Hopefully the people at Nintendo will open their eyes and turn things around. Otherwise, the Wii U could become another Virtual Boy.

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